Training Camp Hasselbeck’s camp interceptions start to add up

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Psychop1

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    All we're saying is that it is concerning. I'm pretty sure the case that Hasselbeck played terribly down the stretch has been adequately made. Seven games, three touchdowns, and eight interceptions. Klug wasn't out there catching touchdown passes and neither was anyone else.

    When Locker came out stronger than Hasselbeck in training camp, I said that it didn't matter until the bullets are live. Said the same when Locker struggled and the Hasselbeck fan club anointed Hasselbeck the day one starter. The significance here is, again, turnovers are what Hasselbeck was notable for in the second half of last season. He's still going to get his chance to compete. He's not going to win this competition if he keeps it up (assuming this is a fair competition), however.

    And stop with the excuses for Hasselbeck. He sprained his elbow. He didn't even miss practice. He wasn't on the injury report the following week. Sucked before that, and continued to suck afterward. Then the Saints game, he hurt his calf with nobody around him at all. You somehow think that earns him a reprieve? In my mind, it makes his startability even more questionable.
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    Nice to hear Rusty is doing good, I hear he has been very consistent in training camp.

    I still see him as a starter for another team one day.
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    And Chris Johnson has taken his lumps. Things were said about Chris Johnson that haven't been said about Bin Laden. It doesn't change that the fact that at midfield, needing only a fieldgoal to win, around 30 seconds to play, on 2nd and 10, Hasselbeck throws a deep interception to ice the game. Choked.
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    Yea the hatred for CJ has been pretty wild, discrediting his 2000 yard season cause the rest of the team blew, and once he got paid everyone has hated him. He'll be back this year.

    Yea hasselbeck was cool and all for the beginning of last year....but yea the guy just fell off at the end of the year and its out with the old in with the new time....Time for the Titans and the lock daddy to embrace the fire.
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    I too don't understand the CJ hate. What could really be expected of him last year? For once the talking heads actually understand this and talk about it correctly. Something the fans need to learn. 1,000 yards from him last year was outstanding under the circumstances.
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