Training Camp Hasselbeck’s camp interceptions start to add up

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    Actually Brave, I think hass halters us more than locker does from a dynamic standpoint. The deep ball. The vertical game, hass can barely get the ball there sometimes. Locker has a cannon. Hass is more in tune with a quick west coast offense with checks and screens. Dump offs or timing routes.

    One of my biggest peeves of hass last season was his inability to throw passed the sticks on 3rd and 5-7. He just wouldn't do it. Then he would come back on a 3rd and 2 and throw a bomb that couldn't be caught.

    See how these preseason games pan out tho.
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    I just meant that it's not Hasselbeck I'm watching out for, I know what he offers. I'm more interested in hearing great Jake Locker news. So if Hass sucks in preseason, oh well it's not a big deal to me. If Jake sucks it's a bigger deal to me. I don't expect Jocker to suck so if he does it's a huge red flag. He should be able to dominate these 1st and 2nd string defenses not game planing for him.
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    When was this?
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    I would think Hasselbeck throwing the interceptions would be concerning, considering he had a seven game stretch last season where he threw eight interceptions and three touchdowns.
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    It was his elbow, not his shoulder, and it happened during the back half of the season.

    And no, I don't care if Hass throws INT's vs his teammates who know him very well. Jake is harder to figure out right because we've seen less of him than Hass. our D has Hass figured out, which may in itself be a bad sign, but whatever. We'll really just have to wait and see come Saturday who looks better. I really hope it's Jake, but wont be sad if it isn't.
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    Locker being the qb will open up the run for CJ. Its Jake's time and should be his job, I can see starting the season with Hassle but I wouldnt. It almost like Mcnair and Odonnell. Hassle can play in a 4 or 5 game stretch if you need him but locker is the franchise. If he wins the job, I hope they let him roll. I think we will be better off all the way around.
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    What is this "shoulder injury" you speak of? Am I missing something here?
    I'm glad you cleared up why Hass was throwing more INTs than TDs towards the end of the season. It couldn't be that he just doesn't have it anymore, could it? In the past three years Hasselbeck has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. I don't think an imaginary shoulder injury had anything to do with that.
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    I'm starting to think Locker will be the starter against the Pats.

    Saturday in Seattle? Anyone who thinks Has isn't the starter THAT game is living in a Tinhorn-esque fantasy land.
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    Honestly this is just stupid. As others have pointed out Hass has been throwing a lot of picks in game as well. Yea he lets us fully operate within a 15 yard radius. He has a BIG issue getting the ball downfield. So really he limits what the offense can do more than anything else. Yes he has experience on Jake but that can only take you so far when your physically inadequate.

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    Just remember, football is 80% mental, and 60% physical. Being cerebral will take you further than being physical, just see Vince Young and Tom Brady. One has NO athletic ability, the other does, who's better.....

    And no I'm not tryna say Hasselbeck is anything close to Tom Brady, but he's closer than Vince is, but also not saying Jake is Vince, just saying to say cause I get more moolah by typing til I can't think of anything else to type on this typing keyboard I use at work not to work but to chat with you all about the Titans.