Has Munch been unlucky this season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RockyTop Fox, Nov 17, 2013.

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    You could literally make these excuses for any other coach in the NFL. I'm not sure why so many people continue to support Munch (not just this site) when we're obviously going to be mediocre as long as he's here.

    Also, we do realize how difficult it is to come from being a bottom tier team to a super bowl contender. Right coaching, probably a franchise QB, elite offense or defense, etc etc. but we've been at this thing for what seems like forever. Is it really too much to ask for a competent HC, a QB that can actually start 16 games for us, and players with a winning attitude instead of the ones who just rolled over during the Jags game? I don't think so and I won't settle for being below average like we have been the past few years.
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  2. SlidePiece

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    That imbecile Ruston Webster, how dare he spend 136 million in an attempt to help this team. And on top of that he handcuffed Munch, and chose all the wrong guys in free agency and the draft. Munch is so unlucky, poor guy......Munch didn't want the best guard and tight end in free agency, much less the best guard and receiver in the draft.

    Ruston getting in Munch's way again! Poor guy's got nothing to work with.

    I've got news for you....had Ruston not spent that much money, we'd be much worse off than we are now. The only reason this team has four wins is because of the personnel overhaul we made this past offseason. Perhaps Ruston and Munch didn't pick the wrong players to bring in, maybe they brought them in under the wrong coaching staff.

    It probably isn't as simple as the free agents and draft class we signed "not panning out", maybe they play differently under a competent coaching staff.

    Oh, I don't think we'll have to worry about Munch turning into a genius HC somewhere else. If it wasn't for Bud, he wouldn't have ever come close to being a HC in this league. When he leaves, he'll never get another shot.....and that will be by design, not because he was "unlucky".

    There's a reason this guy needs the AFC Pro Bowl team to have a shot at winning a game.....
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  3. RockyTop Fox

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    I'm not excusing Munch's first two years.. those years were pathetic, and I blame him above everyone else. It's only this season where I feel sorry for him.
  4. Dman

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    i dont feel sorry for him even this season. He is not the one that lays down cash to watch this team. He gets a nice pay day to win football games and he has lost more than he has won so he can go for all I care and hope he takes loggains with him as well.
  5. Danimal

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    I think it is bad luck for Munch that we are no longer buying the crap he is selling. A good coach provides the structure for his coaches and players: the structure is meant to with stand uncontrolled variables like roster turn over and injuries. When your players make bad plays you hold them accountable: sit then down, yell at them, put in the rookie. Coaches like Belichek don't have the frequency of "bad luck" issues we seem to have.

    If you work as a manager in the real world and your employees don't perform and it causes your unit to fail, try telling your bosses that you are unlucky.
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  6. TitansWrath

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    Listening to him on the coaches show, it didnt even seem like he cares. He needs to go.
  7. mike75

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    The last two games were lost by 3 points and 2 points.5 points is the difference between us being 4-6 and 6-4.Any other coach would've won those last two games.The first one as soon as the team started losing to Jax right then a real coach would've gotten pissed off and motivated the team to get out there and do their job and beat an 0-8 team.The second game Munchak should've never brought in Wylie the guy was unemployed for a reason its because he isn't fit to play in the NFL.Weeks earlier we should've brought in Josh Cribbs after Reynaud botched the safety in the first game at Pittsburgh.Execution and adjustments are something this coach sucks dearly at and it is costing us.
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  8. Alzarius

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    If you read my post and "poor Munch" is what you got out of it, maybe you should stick to coloring books.

    I dont mind discussing but dont cherry pick my posts to try to make a point.

    But hey, if you are happy with our center (the one who is benched), and our two guards production this year... more power to you. Personally, I hope they get a LOT better.

    If you are in the "you cant question any moves Webster makes" camp... enjoy it.

    Our number one problem going into this off season was the offensive line and rebuilding it. So far that has failed. I blame that on the players, the coaches, and the person who drafted/paid them. And Ill throw in our scouting staff as well.

    Your reading comprehension sucks.

    Did you not see the 3 times I mentioned moving on from Munch in the same exact post you quoted?

    Like I said cheery picking.

    Im going to tell you this one more time, because apparently you missed it the first time around.

    I think we need more talent on this roster and until we get it, we will never be where we want to be, regardless of who our coach is. Our talent level concerns me. Potential be damned, we need to see it on the field.


    Absolving players for horrible play. Just what we need more of. Those fumbles, drops... yep... all on Munch. Maybe we can hold onto Britt, with a new coach he may be awesome!!! Lets keep paying 10 million a year for CJ, all he needs is a better coach. While we are at it, can we bring in a new coach so that Warmack will not get out muscled so often too?

    All of you can hate Munch as much as you want but I have brought it up over and over about how our talent level is not what it should be. Especially on offense.

    Perhaps, probably, whatever. Its simple to see what the problem is imo. We need more talent, and coaches who can get more out of the talent we do have.

    I dont see what the problem is with holding players accountable for their play. But according to you, we brought all the right players in so I understand why you can only see coaching as the problem.

    Doesnt mean you are right though.
  9. Alzarius

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    Think so?

    There have only been 4 winless teams in recent history. Itll be pretty easy to go throughout every season and show you coaches who drop games they shouldnt drop.

    And Im not defending Munch, just making sure you realize that the "any other coach" argument is a weak one.

    Turnovers kill.

    Sure, hate Munch, but be pissed at the players who coughed the ball up all too often that day.

    See this is another thing that gets old. You are all bent out of shape, but dont even know your own team. Wylie was on our practice squad... he wanst unemployed. Your point would have been a good one, maybe, if it were accurate.

    Who should he have promoted to it and risked another injury like Williams got?

    I guarentee you that if we got Verner/CJ/Anyone else to do it.... and they got injured... everyone would be screaming "see Munch is a ******* for putting in _______ and getting them injured"
  10. Brew City

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    He was added to the practice squad one week before he was promoted. This means he was unemployed for the first nine weeks of the season.
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