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    He’s competing to keep his starting job, but Titans guard Leroy Harris doesn’t quite feel like he’s at his competitive best. Harris, who underwent left shoulder and left knee surgeries during the offseason, said his shoulder is close to 100 percent. The knee hasn’t come along as quickly.

    “The knee is just getting loose and acclimated, back to bending and being able to push off, things like that,” Harris said. “It’s going to take some time … but it’s getting there. You can’t get frustrated with it now. It’s only the second day, so I’ll continue to push through and get better.”

    Harris is competing with Fernando Velasco. He’s also playing right guard for the first time in his career, after spending previous seasons as a center and left guard.

    “That’s going fine,” Harris said of the switch from left to right. “That’s the least of my worries.”

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