Hall to Play a Bigger Role in Titans Offense

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Aug 11, 2007.

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    SUMMARY: FB Ahmard Hall was known last season as the primary blocker for RB Travis Henry who rushied for 1,211 yards and seven touchdowns. This season, he wants to do the same for whoever lines up behind him on Sundays along with taking a bigger role in team accomplishments this season. “He’s a beast,” RB Lendale White said. “Ahmard means a lot to our running game. He is a crucial part of this offense. If he doesn’t go, then we don’t go. Ahmad takes his job seriously and even though he’s only been in the league for one year, as long as he can keep working hard, I think he can be great.” Last season, Hall tallied seven rushes for 21 yards and caught 15 passes for 138 yards.

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  2. RyansTitans

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    Guys. I don't usually say believable things and sometimes I say things that may make you think im just some idiot kid who's a homer for his favorite teams but... I really think we have a keeper here. Hall is amazing
  3. OswegoTitan41

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    i agree 100% man, Hall is something special, I truly believe in another two or three years he'll be one of the elite fullbacks in the league
  4. Nine

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    It's tough enough for a undrafted player to make an active roster at all.

    For an no-name rookie fullback to walk in and actually have a significant impact on the offense? A fullback????

    Remarkable....absolutely unheard of.

    Ahmard is already something of a cult favorite, and is clearly one of the top feelgood stories on the team. As he develops, I honestly believe he'll prove to be another LoNeal, but with even better ball skills.

    I fully expect to see Hall develop into a Pro Bowler.
  5. MJTitans

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    He's 1/2 the reason I don't think we'll feel the loss of Henry too bad, if at all. Definitely is on his way to being a LoNeal that can run w/ the ball or even catch. Hope we lock him up very long term - guys like that can be your foundation for a decade.
  6. Nash

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    IMO we have begun moving to a situation where we have 3rd or lower picks for WR and OL and 6th or lower (or FA) for FB and TE's...we either develop those players or we bring in a FA to supplement them...in this offense the high picks go to LT, QB, and RB..
    having said that Hall, Hartsock, Cramer, Scaiffe, Petrowski, Wallace all fit that.. Troupe is the only highly drafted player at this position and he is falling down the depth chart
  7. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    This year will be a huge year for him to show people last year wasn't a fluke.
  8. I absolutely love our "Big Marine" but some of you may have forgotten that he was in the Army before he played at Texas. Last year he was 27, so he really doesnt have THAT long until hes gonna have to hang it up.
  9. deeluxx3

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    You arent being a homer...Hall is a very good FB.
  10. Bobo

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    He needs a nicname, like Steamroller, or Skullcrusher, or Headsmasher. Oh, or maybe The Pancake Man.
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