Hall of Fame for McNair?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by #1TitansFan, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. You think a homeless team is going to build a Super Bowl contender??? C'mon...

    And that was damned good considering the situation. He took over a terrible Oilers team that quickly became homeless, wandering vagabonds. He was praised fror his 3 consecutive 8-8 seasons under the circumstances.

    In 2004, they were wiped out by probably the worst injury situation in NFL history (at least in recent history). This year they dumped a ton of veteran talent and were rebuilding. It's not like he led 2 Super Bowl caliber teams to a combined 9 wins...

    I said the Titans would have trouble competing in an uncapped year based on the market we play in. Revenue sharing helps a lot, but it's not going to save everyone in an uncapped year. The Titans are right in the middle of the league in terms or team revenue over the past few seasons, mainly because we have a new stadium with club seats and suites which has sold out every game. Will we continue to get sellouts? Based on the half-full Coliseum last year, I think there are some serious doubts about that.

    Additionally, as other teams with lower revenues get new stadiums, they will push ahead of us. That includes Indy for sure. The Giants and Jets will get TONS of new revenue whenever they get a new stadium. The Saints could move to LA that year for all we know.

    Plus, you'll also have owners with deep pockets who are willing to Steinbrenner their way to the Super Bowl. "Bottom Line" Bud won't be one of them if he sticks with his past spending habits (though you never know I guess). Even if he's willing to spend, he can't outbid guys like Danny Snyder or Jerry Jones.
  2. GoT

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    inside the division the Titans would probably compete though.

    Even with a new stadium the dolts/Irsays are not cash cows either.
    J'ville I don't remember who ownes them but they got attendance problems still
    Houston has a palace so possibly McNair has another billion or so to toss into the pile, but it ain't helped him so far.
  3. TheMugwump

    TheMugwump Guest

    Those are good points. It might even be a good topic all on its own (What if there is no cap in '07...?). The AFC South might be the division hurt most of all if that happens because of just what GoT posted. Indy sure doesn't rake in the cash from its team, you guys are similar, J-ville, heck, no one even wants to go to the games, let alone buy their jerseys or spend extra money down there, and Houston just plain sucks too much to make any money. Without that CBA in place, this division could really take some long-term shots. Think of what the teams in the NFC East could do without any cap constraints! That division might get three playoff teams for the next five years out of that...
  4. Gunny

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    if there is no CBA how does it affect teams like Tenn/Indy? I know the 'richer' teams can buy anyone they want, but is it only free agents who benefit? What about contracted players?
  5. TheMugwump

    TheMugwump Guest

    The way I understand it, the only way a contracted player could benefit from the lack of an active CBA and no cap, would be if the team wanted to renegotiate with him, and maybe put the bulk of his salary on that season, say a 5 year, $50 million contract, with 30 million paid on the first year(apparently without a CBA, teams can't amortize signing/roster bonus money out over the following seasons as they normally could). Otherwise, contracted players would still have to honor their contracts.

    The Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, Jets, and a few other big revenue teams could lock up their own and other teams' free agents in a frenzy of spending that could affect the next five or six years. Not pretty for mid to small-market teams.
  6. Well, when the CBA expires, there will be no NFL football at all. The last year is just set up as a poison poll in an effort to force negotiation on a new CBA.

    As for where Indy stands, they may well be on an even footing with the Titans once the new stadium opens. The RCA Dome is the smallest NFL stadium and, as far as I know, there is no club or suites.
  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Get a hanky for starkiller...

    All that talk about homelessness must have caused the tears to run like rain. Give me a break.

    A reporter once asked dan marino about the move from the orange bowl to spanking brand new joe robby stadium in miami. Marino said it should not matter much since the field is still 100 yards long.

    Did jeff fisher do a good job with the team during a period of adveristy? Sure but they were still only 8-8 those years it wasn't like he heroically got them to the playoffs. Had they not had that problem in 96 and 97 the oilers might have won a couple more games? I don't consider the team homless in 98 because they were in nashville and all the players were able to settle there, buy homes and such. So what if it wasn't a brand new stadium with those club seats you love.

    I thought great coaching was when you won despite adversity not going 8-8 or 4-12. I guess your standards are just lower than mine.

    And starkiller i don't want to shock you with this fact; other teams also have injuries. Sit down if you feel faint because i know that is something that never occured to you. Only the titans have ever had injury problems right? Snap out of it! When you coach a team for 11 full seasons you are going to have a couple of years when injuries are too overwhelming to have any chance at winning. I know that is a shocking revelation to you but it is true.
  8. RollTide

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    So called rich teams?

    The nfl has a revenue sharing system that hands out all television revenues equally to every city. Also all promotional and licensing revenues are shared equally. The road team at any nfl game gets 34% of the gate.

    Since all nfl stadiums are now roughly equal in size that really should not matter much. It isn't like new york teams play in massive 150K stadiums or something.

    Who are the rich teams? The giants are not really mega rich and they have to compete locally with the jets for revenue. The second largest market doesn't even have a team and the third largest market team is owned by a family that is neither mega rich nor willing to throw money around.

    Apparently bud adams didn't buy into this whole big market small market thing since he moved his team from houston to nashville.

    Sure is a lame excuse for failure. Why even go to the games then? The way starkiller talks the titans are no different than the montreal expos.
  9. Presumably you're not really as stupid as that post (#57) makes you sound?
  10. Then explain to me how the top 7 teams in the NFL average over $60M more reveue per year from their stadiums than the bottom 7 teams. All of the top 10 teams have new stadiums. All of the bottom 10 teams are in older stadiums (without club areas or suites, where the teams make real money).

    Bud moved because Houston wouldn't build him a new stadium and Nashville would.
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