Hall of Fame for McNair?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by #1TitansFan, Jan 23, 2006.

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    McNair in the Hall?

    To use a quote from a favorite movie: "Not...Even...Close..........Bud!" At this time, he won't even make it far enough to on the final ballot.

    Of course, if he has three or four outstanding years and leads the Titans to at least two Super Bowl wins, then that changes completely.
  3. Puck

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    Warren Moon was a receiver? :brow:
  4. Ragevsuall

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    Theres only 2 ways McNair ever makes it into the Hall.

    a.) He needs to resurrect his career and finish these next few years on his feet, in the playoffs, and with good stats.

    b.) He makes it in as an old timer as guys a couple decades down the line want to salute his warriorship (word?) and toughness and vote him in knowing that he was one of the original 21st centry QBs. He paved the way and didn't back down from anything.
  5. Gunny

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    didnt that also imply McNair was a receiver as well?
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    sorry TJ, I couldn't resist
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    has been a great player for much of his career, including an MVP season, but the stats just aren't there for the HOF. He spent too much time in an ultra-conservative offense, and probably too much time injured.

    That sounds like a description for troy aikman. Except that he never won a seasonal mvp. He was a super bowl mvp however. Aikman played in a conservative offense loaded with stars and he only has 5000 more passing yards than mcnair. Mcnair should surpass him and mcnair has a better career TD-int ratio to say nothing of his contributions as a runner. Aikman had his share of injury problems and really didn't play real long. Aikman fiqures to make it on the strength of his 3 super bowls wins but if steve can get back there and win it wouldn't that make it possible for the hall? 2 appearences and a win, not bad.
  9. RollTide

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    HOF QB with no title....

    There are 21 modern day HOF QBs. 5 did not lead a team to an nfl title.

    Dan marino

    Fran tarkenton

    YA tittle

    Sonny jurgenson

    Jim kelly

    Take note however that 3 of those guys went to multiple championship games. Tittle played in 3 nfl champ games, tarkenton 3 super bowls and kelly 4 super bowls. Marino of course only made one super bowl and jurgenson never lead a team to a champ game. Jurgenson did play as a backup on the 1960 eagles but we know that doesn't count.

    Once again rolltide to the rescue!
  10. And what is the likleyhood of the Titans making the Super Bowl, much less the playoffs, in the next couple of seasons?
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