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  1. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    My Titans Draft Board

    Players with an * are players I really want. Quality picks will simply be listed. Some players will have lower values than you'd expect merely because those players have big question marks.

    Pre-Draft Projected Starters

    QB VY
    RB White
    WR Jones
    WR Roby (Givens)
    TE Troupe
    LT Roos
    LG Bell
    OC Mawae
    RG Bell
    RT Stewart

    DE Laboy
    DT Haynesworth
    DT Starks
    DE KVB
    RLB Bulluck
    MLB Tulloch
    LLB Thornton
    CB Harper (Pac)
    CB Finnegan
    NCB Fuller
    FS Lowry
    SS Hope

    Analyzing the roster, we need to get one starting WR, RDE and potentially CB and FS.
    We could certainly use a good CB, FS, and DT on D and a youth infusion at RG.
    Backup RB, WR, and TE could certainly be addressed. With Pac suspended and our KR let go,
    a returner is definitely in the mix.

    Here's my board.

    1st round players
    **CJ, WR
    Russell, QB
    Thomas, LT
    **Adams, RDE
    **AP, RB
    Quinn, QB
    **Okoye, DT
    **Nelson, FS
    *Landry, SS
    Brown, LT
    **Willis, MLB
    **Carriker, DT/DE
    Branch, DT
    **Meachem, WR
    **Bowe, WR
    Staley, LT
    *Harrell, DT

    Analysis - By my estimation, it would take our entire draft plus next year's 1st to move up to 2 for CJ. Not happening.
    Even moving up to 6 is probably way too far even though Wash wants to move down. More likely, we could move up to the Jags spot (a couple spots above us) using a 4th and a 6th.
    Nelson or Carriker could be there. If we stay put, I expect the likely players to be Meachem and Bowe with Nelson and Carriker long shots.
    I would also consider moving down for another 3rd rnd pick.

    2nd round
    Anderson, LDE
    **Hall, CB
    **Lynch, RB
    **Revis, CB
    **Houston, CB
    *Ginn, WR
    Olson, TE
    **Grubbs, OG
    *Beason, OLB
    *Moss, DE/OLB
    **Kalil, OC
    **Griffin, FS
    **Blalock, OG
    **Sears, OG
    **Spencer, RDE
    *Woodley, RDE
    **Gonzalez, WR
    **Wade, CB
    Miller, TE
    **Rice, WR
    *Tyler, DT
    **Wright, CB
    *Weddle, SS
    **Hill, WR
    Bradley, OLB
    Harris, MLB

    Analysis - We can go many directions here. We can grab an Anthony Spencer at RDE, any one of several CB's,
    and even grab a good DT, WR or S. Adding another selection here would be helpful (if we traded down in rnd 1 to get another 3rd and then used that and another pick or two to move up to get another rnd 2 selection).

    3rd round
    *Abiamiri, LDE
    *Hughes, FS/CB
    *CJohnson, RDE
    Satele, OC
    *McBride, DT
    **Alleman, OG
    *Irons, CB
    *Higgins, CB
    Durant, LB
    *Irons, RB
    *Rouse, S/LB
    **Booker, RB
    **Mebane, DT
    *Wilson, CB
    *Davis, CB
    *Allison, WR
    *Beck, QB
    *Thomas, DT
    *Beekman, OG
    Crosby, PK
    Patrick, TE
    **Black, OLB
    **Clowney, WR

    Analysis - We can still find good players at RB, DE, DT, WR and CB. If we dropped down in round one and didn't move up into rnd 2, having two picks here would get us another solid player.

    4th round
    **Bennett, CB
    Kolb, QB
    **JJones, WR
    Atkins, DE
    **Piscatelli, S
    *Soliai, DT
    **Ramirez, OG
    *Scott, CB
    *CBrown, CB
    **Deossie, LB/ST
    *Mansfield, OG
    *CHenry, RB
    Datish, OC
    Waters, MLB
    *Figurs, WR
    Alford, DT
    Koets, OT
    **Bain, CB
    **Sartz, OLB
    **RSmith, CB
    **WThomas, DT

    Analysis - Here's where we can still get good value but we need to do it carefully. A player like Ramonce Taylor has 1st or 2nd round talent but also a big red flag. The 4th round is like the first round of day 2. Everyone's looking to grab the players no one expected to fall out of day 1. We could definitely move up in the round to grab someone we like. Keep an eye on Walter Thomas...the behemouth DT (374lbs) who has extremely limited experience. Don't be shocked if someone takes a gamble on him in rnd 3.

    5th round
    *DWalker, RB
    *Sepulveda, P
    *LRobinson, WR
    *Robison, DE
    *KBrown, DT
    Duckworth, OG
    *McDonald, CB
    Newton, TE
    *Podlesh, P
    Zabransky, QB
    *Stuckey, WR
    *Medlock, PK
    *Landri, DT
    Lucas, OC

    Analysis - Surely there will be some extra talent here that has dropped. Most likely, THAT is where we'll find a good player.

    6th round
    **Wolfe, RB
    Gaddis, FS
    **Harline, TE
    Breaston, WR/PR
    *Abbatte, MLB
    Simpson, OLB
    **KJackson, DT
    *SHarris, DT
    **Kent, WR
    Anoai, DT
    Nwaneri, OG
    Studdard, OG
    *Bishop, MLB/ST
    **Ilaoa, RB/HB
    *Ah You, DE
    **DBall, WR

    Analysis - There are some very good backup players in this round...from a Garret Wolfe (RB) to a Johnny Harline at TE.

    7th round
    Rowe, QB
    CJohnson, OT
    JPorter, CB
    *Trannon, WR
    **Fenton, C
    Moore, QB
    **Newton, QB/RB/WR
    **Coleman, RB

    Analysis - I'd look for intriguing players like Alonzo Coleman (who at a small school out ran all the other runners in this draft) or a Syvelle Newton who's a football player and athlete without a position.

    When all is said and done, I think a good draft would look like...
    1 WR Robert Meachem
    2 DE Anthony Spencer
    3 OG Andy Alleman
    4 S Sabby Piscatelli
    4 DT Walter Thomas
    5 WR Laurent Robinson
    6 TE Johnny Harline
    6 RB Garrett Wolfe
    7 OC Mark Fenton

    With Mike Williams apparently on board (for hopefully no more than a 6th rnd pick), things wouldn't change.

    However, if the Titans are willing to swap first round picks and give up a 4th for Michael Turner, that's the equivalent of giving up a 2nd rnd pick. I would NOT do that. If LenDale White is not ready for fulltime duty, we can certainly pick up a solid RB in rnd 3 to play RB by committee. We should also include LenDale in a trade for Turner or a different RB.

    Making this move would also prevent us from getting any of the top players in rnd 1. Not a good idea.

    Pros for getting Michael Turner...
    He's good and a tough runner and has shown he can run in the NFL.

    Miss out on top players in the draft. Sign him to big contract. Not sure what his durability is since he's never carried the ball fulltime. Wastes our 2nd rnd pick from last year. Why did we give us on Travis Henry if we need a feature back?

    I'm not enamored with the moves the Titans have made this offseason. Instead of improving the team, they've created MORE holes and want to fill them with the least cost effective solution. They don't acknowledge problem areas (like S) as being a problem area, but waste cap space by signing bad vet backup players? Lamont Thompson should be the bad vet backup, not Scott!

    Let's hope the draft is more fruitful!

  2. well at least you have a * next to 2 of the players that we drafted and 2 ** next to the guy that we got in the first, so u cant be totaly dissapointed with they way things turned out
  3. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    I like that we got players that have good value...but that is negated by the fact that we took them way too early which makes them much riskier picks.

    Leaving Reggie Nelson on board and taking Griffin instead bothers me if Griffin is gonna play S. If they got Griffin to play CB, it's a better choice but Nelson is still better IMO. And Griffin at CB is a projection which makes him a risky pick. He needs a lot of work as a S.

    Nelson is a Playmaker in the secondary...exactly what we neede.

    Henry has first round physical talent. Think Jamal Lewis in his prime. He's over 230lbs and ran a 4.39 40. That is rare. But it is BUYER BEWARE when the guy has very little college production. With his physical prowess, he should have been one of (if not the) best rushers in college football. So why wasn't he?

    You'll notice I had Griffin as a 2nd rnd pick (we took him in the first) and Henry as a 4th rnd pick (I would have been perfectly happy if they took him in the 3rd because that's where players like him usually go) but they took him in the 2nd rnd.

    I'm not happy because I feel we could have done significantly better...IMO.

    I like the players, but this is shaping up as a draft where we could end up with no starters 5 years from now. Too much gambling and that gambling is not offset my picking those players later than we did.

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