Gregg Williams returning as Titans DC?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by KyTitansFan, Jan 22, 2013.

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    So in this huge rant you can't simply admit "hey I was exaggerating when I said there wasn't one single thing that was good from last year"?

    Why is that so difficult for you to do? How can you not at least say K.Wright being one of the best rookie WRs last year was not a good thing?
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    If we get Gregg Williams, do we also get his bounty system? I'd love to see M'Griff try to hurt someone without hurting hisself.
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    Not really. I'm not that upset at what he's doing- just bored and disappointed. And I would simply ignore it but he used to have something interesting to write.

    I've called out a few others that use the tactic of charging the other person to defend a comment they have taken out of context. That tactic simply pushes people off the forum which I think is a terrible thing. People on here can disagree respectfully without having to "shut-up" a dissenting opinion.
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    Why is it a problem if I use the search feature? As I said, I guess it wasn't you that specifically said the "same ole, same ole" line that someone said.

    I did go through some posts and did see where you said you were ok with Gray for another year. I was actually going to quote some of your prior posts where they were somewhat contradictory with the idea of hiring a former coach of the Titans but then I said screw it cause these debates are aren't debates and the dialogue is annoying me... mainly on things said below...

    Why do you continue to do EXACTLY what you are accusing me of in the first paragraph of this quote? Where/When have I ever said it bothers me that others simply are not high on this organization right now? I have NEVER said that and in fact have always been a proponent of people's right to complain on this board. In fact I have multiple times recently stated I have no problem with legit criticism. What does bother me is the wild exaggerations (not one good thing from last year--- puhleeze) that are used in order to criticize a portion of this organization from personnel to coaching to ownership to management. If it is grounded in facts I have no issues but when people just make stuff up to attack the organization I think that's ridiculous.

    I will state that when reading through some of your prior posts and your being upset with me over fake fan comments you did state that no one was saying they were quitting being a fan. But you are wrong, there were posts stating "I am done with this organization." If need be and when I have time I'll go quote some for you.
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    Grey was his DC when he was HC in Buffalo.

    Be kinda weird to be the boss of your former boss.

    I wouldn't be against it, but I don't see it happening. Besides, if we get a new coach, Williams will probably get the DC job.
    We'll also get the media coverage we all want.
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    Don't waste your time- we don't need to debate semantics or context. Opinions change including yours. Doesn't make either of us hypocrites. Frustrations wax and wane- peoples comments reflect their opinion at that point in time. We can both find past quotes from each other that reflect that.

    The way you're approaching this post is much different than the ones I've found objectionable- it is actually dialogue. I'm good with having a different opinion and respect yours as being different. I enjoy having a conversation. I get a bug up my azz when somebody begins to quote me out of context and I'm then charged with clarifying my true opinion. It gets off topic fast.

    The whole concept of a "fake fan" is insulting because who is any one of us to judge the validity of a posters "fan-dom". It's an idiotic egocentric concept. Those who toss out that moniker are doing so just as inflammatory rhetoric. I get disappointed to hear you use it because you are capable of actually having a good dialogue. I only imagine you are "trolling" because you're fed up with people complaining. And I can go find several posts of yours in the past that reflect your frustration with not winning it all. Not too far off the opinions you're presently criticizing. Finding those posts is less important than simply having a respectful dialogue without insulting the other person with whom you may disagree.

    I like the idea of hiring Gregg Williams as an assistant for the reasons mentioned above. I've criticized the organization in the past for their preponderance of hiring "in-house". The main gist was that seemed a higher priority than hiring people that have demonstrated they can win it all. Hiring Williams is a situation that they can hire a guy with Titans ties who HAS won it all at a coaching level. That is an asset. As opposed to hiring an ex-player who has neither played nor coached a winning super bowl effort.
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    Nail on head right there. Honestly, it sucks discussing stuff around here because too many guys (and a few very obvious guys, in particular) take this tactic.

    I just try to drop quick thoughts in posts and not care too much what other people say -- and stay out of Taboo altogether. I recommend giving my strategy a try.
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    > $2000 moolah not worth listening too

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    yes we gave money to do what? he was average at best and until i see him stand out like he is being paid then he will be a bust signing....what center did we get in free agency that was our major need during the off season? oh thats right he tried to get a qb to up the ticket and jersey sales over addressing our biggest you really see us signing a big name FA this off season either? history says no
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    I see one or two, times have changed and not only will the new CBA make it almost necessary, but his hands are almost tied after giving Munch an extension.