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    A Titans running attack that’s sputtered the last two weeks may soon be getting some help.

    Titans coach Mike Munchak said Monday that running back Shonn Greene, who’s missed the last four games with a knee injury, could return to practice this week. The same goes for defensive tackle Sammie Hill, who’s missed the last three games with an ankle injury.

    “That’s the hope, that both of those two guys would be able to start getting involved this week,” Munchak said. “They’ll probably get a good workout on Tuesday and see where they’re at for Wednesday and Thursday.”

    The Titans have produced a combined 183 rushing yards over the past two weeks, with Chris Johnson getting held to 38 yards on 25 carries.

    Greene was an effective complement to Johnson in the preseason, posting 16 carries for 78 yards (4.9-yard average) and a touchdown. He carried four times for 18 yards in the season opener before hurting the ankle.

    “I knew that would hurt,” Munchak said of losing Greene. “There’s no doubt about it because of what we thought we were going to be able to do changed. We like Jackie (Battle) a lot, but they are different kinds of guys.”

    Munchak also sounded optimistic about the chances of cornerback Coty Sensabaugh (concussion), linebacker Zach Brown (knee), linebacker Patrick Bailey (hamstring), linebacker Zaviar Gooden (linebacker) and defensive end Derrick Morgan (shoulder) playing Sunday against Seattle.

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    No way we win in Seattle or against San Fran without him.
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