Grantland: "Are We Witnessing the Rise of Jake Locker?"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanbuoy, Sep 25, 2013.

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    JL has had the oppertunity too actually step up into the pocket without a DT smashing him into the turff. I mean Levitre, the 'C not named Schwenke for a reason' and Warmack are collectively so much better than Muchacks retards from the last 2 years its not worth mentioning.
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    you would know a lot bout the rising of a 12 yr old dick wouldn't you
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    im not sure but I think he just said war between our species in inevitable
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    I thought so. Unlike the old circle jerk days (a few years ago) when the Peter Kings, Don Banks and John Claytons of the world seemed quite content spouting cliches and rehashing each other's opinions, in the article I linked, whether you agree with his points or not, it's clear Barnwell actually took the time to watch entire games and coach's film to study Locker and the Titans. In the McNair, then VY era, it was amazing how often it seemed writers were basing entire articles from watching highlights and commentary on TV.

    I don't need to agree with a writer to enjoy his work, but I do want someone to actually do the work and not just regurgitate accepted opinions and cliches.

    In particular I think Andy Benoit's stuff on MMQB has been excellent. The use of gifs and HD photos has really helped in quite literally illustrating points that sometimes are hard to wrap your brain around otherwise. Having sites like MMQB and Grantland that allow for more than one paragraph, blurb type articles and affords writers the chance to properly flesh out ideas has certainly helped.

    I've given personal fave Bill Simmons a ton of credit for his work in founding Grantland, so I guess I should grudgingly give long time, much hated Peter King his due as well; His MMQB is a fantastic site. I do think the influx of new talent like Benoit and Barnwell has even served to reinvigorate ye olde scribes like King. PK's work, which I still personally find annoyingly self indulgent and cliched has definitely taken a step up from past years.

    Here's Benoit's latest (that I'm about to read... but I'm sure it'll be great).
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    Simmons & Grantland are fantastic
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