Grade the Titans draft: rounds 1-3

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TitanJeff, Apr 23, 2010.

Grade the Titans draft: rounds 1-3

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  1. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Good to be back.

    How are some of you guys not absolutely ecstatic about our draft so far? I have us right there as the 3rd best draft so far after Baltimore and Seattle.

    Matt McGuire of agrees with me as well.

    Even Walt himself loves our draft so far...

    Check out his Jaguars ratings....LOL
  2. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Good to be back.

    How on Earth do you call Damian Williams a reach? Jeeze I feel bad for you guys who honestly didn't like our draft. Oh no we didn't take a Corner or trade for Albert what a HORRIBLE draft!!!!

    Didn't you also call us morons for drafting Chris Johnson last year? :gag:
  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Rd 1 C-, Morgan doesn't excite me.

    Rd 2 D, Let's hope Jared Cook becomes a player because that was a deep round of prospects to mine from.

    Rd 3A, A+, Love the Williams pick, we get a punt returner who can be a solid #3 type slot receiver.

    Rd3B, C, I'll be nice but a 5'11 230 OLB who didn't finish in the top 10 in any of the combine drills? The 10th fastest 40 time for linebackers was 4.71 and he ran a 4.75.
  4. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Damian Williams was no reach. NFL draft scout had him ranked as the 6th best WR and he is one of the top 3 punt returners in the draft.

    His punt return average was similar to Javier Arenas. 14 yards a return with 2 TDs.

    Great pick..
  5. costarica2

    costarica2 Banned forever

    B+We are filling all our needs.

    The problem is that all the players are boring.No need to be flashy to win in the NFL.
  6. MJTitans

    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up Tip Jar Donor

    I'm more optimistic about Morgan... I think he fits our needs better than a JPP. We need our DEs to collapse the pocket in a controlled manner, and not lose containment against the run. I'd give a B or B+.

    Exactly. We knew he was going to be a slight project last year, and I'm ok with that. But the pass only lasts 1 year, he needs to prove he was worth it now.

    As a player I really like this pick. In terms of fitting a need I have trouble giving him more than a B, but that might be way underestimating the punt return problems we had. But long-term I could see him unseating Washington as our #2 WR, so nice pick.

    We'll see on this one. His speed doesn't bother me too much - I think an OLB needs instincts more than track speed, and he has that. I do worry about his height, though. But good tacklers are unfortunately rare, and I really like that about him. C+ for now, until I see more of him.

    Overall, I really like that all 3 of these guys have really sound fundamentals. They are all football players, and as polished as you could ask for coming out of college. Very good stock to work with. They all were very productive in college, which doesn't always mean it will translate but it's better than the alternative. No apparent game-changers, but a solid B for me.
  7. bongo59

    bongo59 Camp Fodder

    Gave it a the Curran pick. This kid is a player......Williams is a solid Punt returner but with the way Dinger uses WR he will never see the field with his speed........but I do know he has great hands...........the real big plug on him is he is a very polished route runner...........kinda like Reggie Wayne from the scouts I am told...........but he lacks separation speed. So he will be a slot only WR in the NFL...........kinda like DMase.

    Morgan just fits a need...........a rotational body. He is the reason this draft so far gets a C.

    I think Curran is by far the biggest impact player. I could actually see him starting opening day. Lots of teams had him rated very far as speed.........Curran is the most instinctual LB I have seen since Sam Mills.........infact every time I see Curran that is who I think of. He takes great angles and that is why he is rarely beaten outside..........Kinda like Ray Lewis in anticipation. I think he has a chance to be pretty good.
  8. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    Where did i give the Titans a F? Read it again and see i didn't give them a F..

    They get a F now fot the stupid trade they just did with Seattle. They basically got White and Vickerson for free.
  9. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    I never said this was an A draft. There's just no logical way you can argue that it's an F draft.

    I have no problem with Deuce giving us a C. That's reasonable. You can argue that. You simply cannot argue an F. No way, no how. Sorry.

    I'd give us a B.
  10. Chapparal97

    Chapparal97 Grumpy Old Fart

    I'll cast my vote on November 1
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