Grade the Titans 2015 NFL Draft

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Grade the Titans 2015 NFL Draft

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  1. Deuce Wayne


    .... why?
  2. SuperMariota

    SuperMariota Starter

    How many Super Bowls has Wisenhunt been apart of?

    How many great qb's has he been around? Roethlisberger, Warner, Rivers. Do you think he might know? He knew enough to drop Leinart before he even got started. Also, Keep in mind he had nothing to do with the Locker pick. Why shouldn't he be listened too?
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  3. Aday25

    Aday25 TITANSDAY

    I would like to see the OP produce a list of players he would have drafted. Of course they would have to be available at the time of the Titans' picks and actually make sense for what kind of system/organization we have, (please stay away from hypothetical trades) and in five - ten years we see if his picks are any better. Since he seems to know a lot about drafting.

    Also FYI its super easy to be critical of any player because you can harp on their negatives, and when they don't work out or meet expectations, WHICH IS THE VAST MAJORITY OF PICKS, especially high draft picks because the expectations are so high, you can easily claim you knew all along. But no one ever produces an alternative list of draft picks and stands by that.

    Because its really about justifying some sense of superior intelllect which is merely banking on the odds anyway. How many players that are drafted turn into legit, home run picks? I would think the number is actually pretty small, and the reason most of your later round picks make up the highest percentage of current players. Its easy to say someone won't be great, but more difficult to predict who will be great. Instead of point out the possible pitfalls, which everyone sees, do your homework and actually make some real choices that can be judged, and quite being so reactionary.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't have an opinion, and if you don't think this draft class was good then thats fine, but why should we trust your opinion? Why is your opinion spread worthy? And if you're so good at seeing who will be good and who won't, I want to see a list, because to grade this drafts so low when most people argue is actually pretty good you must know more then the so called experts. So lets see your cards! Its easy to be critical or cynical of others but much harder walk in other person's shoes.
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  4. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Statistically you are more likely to pick a bust so bragging that every player is **** isn't exactly being a draft guru.
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  5. Deuce Wayne


    Great. The thread was moved in here...

    Never mind, guys.

    Wasted my time writing all that only to be looped in with the rest of this garbo.
  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Ace Degenerate

    Do not worry to much about him. It is difficult to be open minded and positive. Being a b1tchy and negative idiot anyone can manage.
  7. edward nigma

    edward nigma Starter

    I've got to get this off my chest before going to bed. I was confused at the way the front office handled the draft. Some good, some bad. Trading back in the second round (picking up an extra pick and still getting the player you targeted) was an example of the good. Selecting a fullback (regardless of talent level) then coming back the next round and selecting a RB was very confusing to me. Like they panicked (it is hard to explain but very confusing).

    Also, Angelo Blackson at the beginning of the fourth round when T.J. Clemmings was still on the board (who just so happens to be a need and was without a doubt the BPA). Missed opportunity regardless of his stress fracture.

    Also, did anyone notice the cornerback that was rated #1 by many pundits (at least top three - before ACL injury) that went in the seventh round to Cleveland? This young man: Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is what you call a value pick. I don't think we need to discuss how many players come back and have successful careers after ACL surgery. Even if he didn't come back as the same player, he was available in the seventh round.

    We take our first linebacker in the sixth round. Eli Harold (Jordan Hicks, Lorenzo Mauldin, etc. ...) was still available in the third round when we selected Jeremiah Poutasi (head scratcher - he had a 5th round grade). I think they panicked when Rob Havenstein was taken in the second round by the Rams.

    I gave the draft a B-. Very close to an A draft with the swapping of the players I mentioned earlier.
  8. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Just answer this...

    I know you loved RG3 coming out of college and thought he'd be better than Luck.

    So why hate Mariota if you loved RG3? A ton of similarities between the two. Very similar prospects... The one thing RG3 had on Mariota was arm strength. Everything else is similar, and I'd say Mariota is better in the rest of the QB categories... Plus Mariota is smarter. He's a better person, a better teammate, and a better leader. He won't whine and make excuses, and he's not a diva.

    So... Is your hate for Mariota related to the fact that RG3 busted and you're worried he'll be the same type of player? Otherwise, I'd say it's a bit out of whack, considering you loved RG3 so much.
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  9. 520

    520 2020 GOAT CHAMP from 3-7 to champ

    to be fair rg3 was seen to have impeccable character and leadership skills coming out
  10. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    I know. And I loved RG3 before the draft and as a rookie.

    It's a shame he had that injury in the playoffs against the Seahawks... Hasn't been the same since.

    But as far as character goes, I think it's pretty obvious Mariota isn't gonna be a whiner and won't be the diva that RG3 became.
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