Grade the 2013 Titans draft (very early edition)

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Grade the Titans Draft

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  1. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Here's my thoughts on it:

    Warmack: Love the pick. If finding a guy who can consistently open holes for the next decade is a "safe" pick, I'm okay with being "safe". Nothing improves the Titans next season more than making the run game effective, IMO.

    Hunter: I am not excited about this pick or giving up a third next season to get him. I'm a Vols fan and love his talent but I saw too many drops to think he's anything close to a sure thing. I see boom or bust here.

    Wreh-Wilson: I know nothing of the kid but like the idea of a tall CB to put up against some of the league's taller WRs. I hope it means more jamming at the line of scrimmage next season.

    Gooden: This one left me scratching my head. I understand needing depth at LB. I wondered if the goal might be to make this guy into a SS. He might be BPA but I don't see how he gets on the field except for special teams. Maybe Williams/Gray want him and Brown on the field together in passing situations. For now, he needs to be a special teams beast.

    Schwenke: I know nothing of the guy and thought the Titans were happy with Velasco. Apparently, they aren't. Mayock loves his speed so that's a pretty solid endorsement. It might mean this is Velasco's last season as I don't see the Titans signing him longterm for just a backup role.

    Edwards: I like this pick for depth and he seems to have the physical tools to become starting material.

    Wooten: I know nothing of the kid except for what I've read since the pick. Seems to be a value here with some possible return skills. 17 reps for a 210 lb. player is pretty nice so should be able to hold his own against big WRs and might be the future gunner.

    Stafford: I know nothing of him either except he's strong (21 reps) and will need to stand out on special teams to make the roster.

    Overall, I wanted Tank in the second and was sure that was why the Titans traded up. I'm hopeful Hunter can be that outside, deep threat the Titans haven't had for some time. The Gooden pick has me scratching my head but the OL upgrades have me excited. The late picks were used on players with tools so let's hope one or more can make an impact on special teams next season.
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  2. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    I agree.

    But the grades here also say this, which posters were right and who was wrong regarding this year's draft class.

    Assuming anyone goes back to look heh.
  3. oilerstruck

    oilerstruck Hall of Fame

    Grade B

    To properly grade our draft, we must consider our FA move prior to the draft. The combination of the 2 set us up nicely. The only down fall is the lack of pass rush on the DL. I look for the FO to go back to veteran FAs to find a pass rush. I bet the price has dropped a bit now too. Abraham, Freeney, who else?
  4. MaxFischer

    MaxFischer Rookie

    C+ for the Titans' 2013 Draft.

    Warmack: A solid guard but he has poor agility and poor speed which means his ceiling is that of a good/decent player in the NFL. B- here.

    Justin Hunter: Good measurables but underwhelming performance. If he can't get to the end zone or even post 100 yds against good SEC competition then I doubt he can do it in the NFL. Given that there were plenty of comparable WRs available in later rounds (though not as tall), the grade for Justin Hunter is a C+.

    Wreh-Wilson: A decent pick up in the 3rd round, but his agility is a question mark. A solid B here.

    Xaviar Gooden: Good measurables, no production. He's a fraud. D- here.

    Brian Schwenke: Best Center in the draft. Great on-field production and superior speed and agility. He could move to guard if necessary. A+ pick.

    I'll stop there because the rest of them are C- as a group.

  5. xhrr

    xhrr Starter

    I'm gonna go with a B. There isn't a single draft I would rate an A just because of the fact they haven't even played yet. I understand this is an on paper grade but that is still my reasoning.

    Warmack was an awesome grab. Better than DeCastro everyone wanted last year. Hunter was a nice proactive pick that could pay big dividends. Wreh-Wilson fits the in vogue CB and his longest completion was 18 yards, insane regardless of SOS. Gooden provides depth and scheme versatility, he looks great in coverage. Schwenke was an awesome pick in the 4th. Edwards is apparently really athletic and played some WR and FB according to Miles, Size and upside are there and we need depth. Wooten creates more competition on the back end and is the press type CB we are looking for, could be a safety move. Stafford hits like a mack truck, so I love his aggressiveness and fire he plays with, quote me now but he starts in two years. I watch a ton of big 10 football and he roams the field albeit a little out of control but he makes people hurt after he hits them and has a nice burst that makes up for his lack of deep speed.

    Now lets hope this draft turns out as well on the field as it looks on paper.
  6. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Starter

    Chance Warmack: (Grade A+) Maybe I am being a little biased with the A+ because I have wanted Chance to be a Titan for a long time. I'm glad we got this kid, he is going to be a stud and help out our offense. I'm excited to see him go up against Watt.
    Justin Hunter: (Grade B) I was suprised when they called his name. I just thought Tennessee was going to go defense, but I like the pick. He has a lot that he brings to the table and can really open up our offense. We don't have a deep threat (until Britt shows he can return to form) and he is also a threat after he catches the ball. He and Wright will be a good compliment to each other. My only concern is his drops but I think that he just tries to catch the ball with his body too much. That's something that you can coach.
    Blidi Wreh-Wilson: (Grade B) I think he has the potential to be a good CB I remember at one point McShay had his as a first rounder and a top 3 or 4 CB in the draft. I think he was good value for where we got him. He is very long and is good at making adjustments to bat the ball down. I'm excited to see him as a press corner. If he is successful then that moves Verner inside and all of a sudden we have a pretty good secondary.
    Zavier Gooden: (Grade B-) I was suprised it was a linebacker, but after thinking about it we did need some LB's. This guy is fast and can cover! I think they got this guy for 3rd downs. They will rush Ayers, drop Brown and Gooden into coverage, and Verner in the slot... man I like the sound of that. He is a good tackler but he needs to learn how to react and not think at the LB spot. He hasn't played LB for a long time so I think getting reps will help in that area.
    Brian Schwenke: (Grade A) At first I had no idea who this guy was, but then I started hearing that he was the best C in the draft. I went and watched some videos of him and he is very solid. Great run blocker and some one I think can start for us from day one. I wanted Barret Jones but this guy made me quickly forget about him. Solid solid pick.
    Lavar Edwards: (Grade C+) He has the measurables of a first round DE but was stuck behind a top 10 pick and a 3rd round pick in college. I think he will help us out against the run, maybe he can play 1st and 2nd downs and Wimbley is a 3rd down pass rusher. Even if that's not the case I think he is some quality depth. I can give him a B just because there isn't much film of him playing.
    Khalid Wooten: (Grade C) I honestly know nothing about him, but he is a big bodied corner and seems like he might be able to play press. I wish he was a little taller, but he is a 6th round pick so I'm not expecting much.
    Damion Stafford: (Grade C) Again another guy I don't know anything about. He does have a few videos on him and he looks like he can tackle which is something we need. I think Pollard will help him develop. I expect him to be a special teams guy.

    Overall: (Grade A) I thnk the Titans had one of the best drafts out of anyone. I can't complain about any of our picks. There is still time to cut guys and sign free agents so I'm not going to complain about drafting depth. I think we drafted 3 guys that can start right away and 5 to 6 guys that can start in the near future. I'll take that over some DE depth in the 2nd round anyday. Great draft and offseason by our FO. I'm exctied for the season and I'm ready for Jake to be our franchise QB.
  7. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    I voted this one a solid B.

    I would have given us an A+ for the simple fact that I felt all along that OL was our biggest need. Warmack is a great pick and Schwenke is a guy that I feel had just as much value as the C that Dallas took in the 1st. These 2 picks were excellent value and addressed our biggest needs.

    I had to give us a B because I didn't understand trading up for Hunter in the 2nd. Wouldn't he have been there for us had we stayed at #40? I like that they were willing to take a WR just didn't get giving up so much for him. If he turns out to be worth the price this draft can easily end up being an A.

    Time will tell on the rest of the picks but on the surface I can see why we took them. If any of them turn out to be productive it'll only add to the overall draft grade. I trust that Ruston and his scouts did their homework.
  8. GoT

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    discovered the SEC and ignored SWC
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  9. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

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  10. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    WEll I love how Dunce said Ayers would NEVER start for us.

    Wrong again as usual.
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