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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by CriticalTheory, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    Oh yea it's going down there is no need to wait till week 17 to choose the winners we know who they are. Theory dropped some real choices in here you all can agree or disagree. There is no Bias in my selections.

    Biggest Shame of the Year
    This would be disappointment but I think they are a damn shame, the Eagles talk about Self Destruction. Andy Reid couldn't control this team to save his life or that waistline. T.O holding out was a big factor instead of coming together as a team they imploded. Next thing you know you hear stories about how Hugh Douglas and T.O threw bows. T.O and Andy getting into it, McNabb blowing chunks. I'm done they are the biggest shame of the year.

    Worst GM/Owner of the Year:Tom Benson
    Upper Management always sits pretty nobody ever gets on them unless it's a bad draft pick. Oh not here boy Theory going to get that Culo, We all know what N.O went through but to have your players practicing in parking lots? Get the Hell outta here you have all that money you can't rent out a facility for a few days cheap mofo. To think these are the same men who had you dancing in the 2000 playoffs I remember don't you Tom? You were happy as hell with that Umbrella.

    Distraction of the Year:
    Terrell Owens would there be anyone else?

    Sack Rider of the Year
    Sean Salisbury of ESPN NFL Live this guy rides jock straps like no other maybe besides Madden and the guys on Sunday night Football. He acts like Favre is Jesus, like Manning is Allah get outta here.

    Most Worst Player
    The MWP goes to Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys this guy seems as if he has no understanding of angles or anything that has to do with TACKLING!!! How many horse collars have we seen I have never seen a defensive player do that on a consistent basis like Roy. Players who don't get burned damn near every deep play or know about angles. Don't have to resort to that every time Roy you suck a big hitter yes and thats it.

    I'm done with the Bad now with the Good

    Coach of the Year
    Marvin Lewis who else? This guy went from being the man behind the 2000 Ravens defense to having one of the best teams in the NFL. Thing is it's the Bengals things started to change once he took over it's almost like he brought some confidence in. The players were there they just needed the right coach and he has turned them around in a matter of a few years. This Brother is coach of the year!

    Best Free Agent Pick-up
    Kyle Vanden Bosch has more than earned this title these guy went from being a absolute nobody to being one the top pass rushers this season. 12.5sacks this season alone his previous high was what 4.5 in Arizona. He has been one of the bright spots on an other wack Titan team.

    Entertainer of the Year: Chad Johnson
    Those sorry football purist will choke at this, but they can go sit their boring holes some where away from the Theory. Chad Johnson gets this award hands down from his check list to his little dances this guy makes for good entertainment. Who can forget his Riverdance that was classic Michael Flatley take a seat son.

    ComeBack player of the Year
    Teddy Bruschi the guy has a stroke has no feeling on one side of his body but he perseveres through all of this to make a comeback. When he does comeback he gets right in the middle of the action he may not be a HOF. Though when history looks back at him no one can't deny that he was a great player.

    Offensive ROY:Ronnie Brown
    Cadillac is my boy and he has more yards but Brown hasn't missed any games plus he shared the back field with Ricky Williams. He also was more of a threat out of the back field.

    Defensive ROY:Odell Thurman
    He basically is the man in the middle for the Bengals, he has made plays all over the field tackling anything. Picking off passes like a DB forcing fumbles all of that.
  2. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    The Big Time Now

    Offensive POY
    Shaun Alexander this guy has 2 more games left to break Holmes TD record, he is one of 5 players in history to rush for 1,600yds in consecutive seasons. He runs behind the best left side in football but he still is good.

    Defensive POY
    Donnie Edwards this guy is perhaps the most consistent LB in the league he second in the league in tackles since 1996 only behind Thomas. He puts up better overall stats than Thomas he will make damn near every play.

    Man I have to give it Alexander without him the Seahawks are nothing they have no Weapons on Offense. He is the offense, he is the Seahawks
  3. CriticalTheory

    CriticalTheory WestSide 718 ShadowMafia!

    The Biggest Award

    Merriman is the next great LB this guy is a straight up Cold Bizzle, Merriman got that WORK.He is the best LB I seen come in the league over the past few years fast, strong, athletic, ferocious. This guy can rush the passer.

    Oh but can he play the run? Hell Yea Merriman can play the run he will come up meet the blocker, use his arms disengage and make the tackle. Peyton Manning knows all about him so does the Colts O-line.

  4. KamikaZ

    KamikaZ Ex-Hall of Famer

    I'll agree with you about Merrimen. He's gonna be a problem for the next 7-8 years at least...
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