NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

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    SUMMARY: 1. Indianapolis Colts (9-0) Last Week: 1stComing off a huge road victory against one of their biggest rivals, it was understandable for the Colts to take off a home game against the lowly Buffalo Bills. Well, they did and doing so almost cost them a victory, but luckily Rian Lindell missed a field goal and the Colts were able to run out the rest of the clock. They are not doing so in commanding fashion every week, but the Colts are winning.

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    Bears 4th?

    They should be 2nd. And i consider the chiefs and jags stronger among the 5-4 teams then the falcons.

    The falcons just lost 2 straight to the lions and browns. That is a team in some trouble!
  3. Didn't the Falcons also go 5-2 last year and blew it...
  4. well i think that the reason that the bears are 4th are because their offense is struggling atm


    I can't wait to see lil peyton CHOKE in week one of the playoffs.

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