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    Here's another one of those offseason time-killers.

    I'm going to list a number of Titans players who have made the Pro Bowl (while a Titan). The idea here is to vote for the player who is your favorite regardless of position.

    I am going to do this by rounds.

    Round One:
    Haynesworth vs. Rolle (Rolle)
    KVB vs. Kearse (KVB)
    Hopkins vs. Mason (Mason)
    Bishop vs. Bulluck (Bulluck)

    Winners move on:

    George vs. Rolle (George)
    Young vs. KVB (Young)
    Wycheck vs. Mason (Wycheck)
    McNair vs. Bulluck (McNair)

    Those winners will face each other:
    George vs. Young (George)
    McNair vs. Wycheck (McNair)

    With those moving on:
    George vs. McNair (McNair)

    And the winner going against:

    The goal here is to hopefully generate some interesting debate. Note that "favorite" doesn't necessarily mean "better".

    Each voting period will last five days. It is a public poll. :brow:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.