Goodell: The worst man in America

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    There will be more people at the Cards game than the Rams game tomorrow night. This town is nuts right now and it ain't over the rams.
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    I could care less if we had a foreign franchise in the nfl but London is a problem because of the time difference. Mexico city or a city in Canada would be fine with me. The nfl is a collection, a cartel of 32 businesses and they want to grow without cannibalizing themselves and open up new markets that's fine with me.

    Why do so many fans act as of they are totally ignorant of what is going on with head injury law suits in the nfl? You guys act as of Goodell pulled all of this from his arse.

    And you know that Goodell works for the owners so he does things that they believe protect the brand. Stupid rules like the Brady rule for hitting a QB low are what the owners want.
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    What bothers me the most is the shunning of Germany, the one country that fully backed NFL Europe.
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    Germany; always the redheaded step child of Europe. German shunning was one of the key causes of both world wars.
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    You can get tix from $12 and upwards on Stubhub...
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    Hey guys. I'm from England.
    I was having a few conversations over the weekend with other fans and came to the conclusion
    they have got to keep doing what they are doing as the business side of it has made sense.

    They are selling out when they bring the football over here and the last 3 years i have seen and feel it getting bigger over here.

    I don't think a new franchise is a good idea as i personally already have my allegiance to the Titans. There is no way in hell I can change that.
    I don't ever believe that you pick a team to follow there is something in the team that just chooses you..

    I saw a lot of fair weather fans that will turn up over here and buy whatever shirt the teams are playing here and then i would laugh at them for being stupid enough to wear Jacksonville colors so much so i felt behind enemy lines.

    But there are also a lot of knowledgeable fans over here as well.
    The majority do not in my opinion want a franchise..
    I think knowledgeable fans over here see these games as a privilege and will go no matter what teams come over here.

    Goodell struck me as a disingenuous guy and all i got from his talks was the $ signs running in his head.
    i wonder at the impact of the local areas undergo when the teams are over here..
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    Teams can not survive in L.A. The people there just dont care enough to stick with a team when things arent perfect, LA fans are the equivalent to Florida fans. And every year we see a huge lack of support from Florida based teams. LA is a memory, not a future for the NFL.

    The problem I have with London is its London. Too far away to be in an American sports league. Id much prefer Mexico City or Toronto see a team before London. At least there most Americans can get to relatively easily.
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  8. ZoolTitan

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    I get the impression that its something that people think we want to hear in England.

    I wish they would get the rules right first and foremost..
    and stop leaving the refs to interpret so much..
    *Thinking wilson and the sideline foul
    *SF49ers numerous missed holding calls
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    LA has like 10 sports teams already, where are they getting the money to spend on stadiums and where are fans getting their money? Cali is straight broke and the cost living is retarded, so how can they support another team when there's so many there already?
  10. Dman

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    A team in London will have a harder time getting FA's to sign there. I think players would take a little less money to sign with a team in America and be close to their family. The travel back and forth from London is ridiculous, these players will be tired. If they do put a franchise there I do see them playing terrible for many years because of travel and poor FA.