Gooddell furthers his destruction of the NFL

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Finnegan2win, Jun 5, 2013.

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    NASCAR was swimming in corporate $s and was gaining TV eyeballs at a rapid pace. So much so that ESPN had too pay attention. Will be interesting too see where NASCAR lands.
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    for a while.

    FO and coaching is just as important as the players - IMO
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    We have all seen this up here lol

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    The number is less than 32, that's for sure. There simply aren't enough quarterbacks.
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    Exactly. Look at how many teams don't have a quality QB, or a RB, or a set of WRs or any position really. The last thing the NFL needs is more teams. I'd be up for downsizing if I wasn't worried about the Titans being one of the teams terminated. :disappointed:
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    I think there are plenty of players, competent coaching staffs/front offices though ....
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    I live in London, UK and I could not be any more AGAINST the idea of a London franchise. I'm not sure how much bigger Gooddell could make the NFL by having a London side! I have been to the previous games at Wembley, which to be honest have been very well attended, but unfortunately a large majority would not be turning up each week. Also, a significant amount were American's who live in the UK - that's not adding popularity.

    I genuinely think it's Roger just trying to lay down a legacy before he gets axed - pretty sure everybody hates him.

    From a popularity perspective - of course I want more UK fans, but to be honest the affect from the Wembley series has been excellent - teams are popping up all over the place and are attracting new players. So I'd like to see the one season game in the UK remain as it is...... If that's OK with you guys ;-) Lol.

    Plus, by having a game in London, I don't have to be up till 5:30am on a Monday to watch all the games :)
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