Good To Get A Win Finally, But Need More Work

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanWilly, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I find that a bunch of casual fans or Madden junkies tend to come from 'big' boards.
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    Eassssyyy fellas, just made an open minded suggestion just for the sake of convo. I want Kendal Wright and Jake Locker to succeed as much as all of you do, or some of you for that matter. Last I checked Nate Washington has been the only Titan wide out to go over 1000 yards since Derrick Mason and Drew Bennett. I'm not your little majesty ***** y'all kicked around here all over this board now, so come down from your Titanic mountains and chill out tough guys! Y'all want your own boards and little private Titan tea parties complimenting each other on being master fans, start charging people by the thread on another site! Love how you give your own fans sh(*&^t coming over from of all places espn. You wonder why the rest of the country calls us ignorant back of the woods hillbilly fans. :chairwack:
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    The most exciting thing about Saturday's game for me was Locker throwing accurately downfield. It's nice to see him scan the field and decisively put the ball right where he wanted it.

    Second most exciting, is that I haven't see CJ run sideways.

    I'm cautiously (pregame) optimistic about the beginning of the season.
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    You should really get an avatar.

    And for the record I have been on this site for less than a year. From the first time I started posting here I have found the regulars have been nothing but polite, friendly and helpful.
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    I just want to know why we traded up to get Hunter if we are not even going to use him?
  6. Thaddeus43

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    We will use him ... eventually. Most rookie WRs don't come in and contribute right away. Kendall was kinda the exception to the rule last year, but it usually takes at least a year for WRs to adjust to the NFL. Then if you consider the amount of depth we have at WR this year, there is no reason to rush Hunter into something. I think hunter will be very good, and is a part of our future plans, but for now he just needs to develop. nothing wrong with that.
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    You dont trade up for a player that risky! Period. We have enough talent at that position that can help us win now. Which this season is all on the line for Munchak. So drafting a player just to develop him when you may not be hired next season is stupid!

    Now were gonna have to let a good player like Williams or Preston go b/c we drafted a guy who may never develop!
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    He had a rough night, for sure. But he also was trying to defend one of the best WRs in the game. If the Titans had a better option on the outside, I'd like to see ATV back at nickel but there doesn't appear to be anyone who can do the job better on the roster.

    Fokou was abused in the Bengals game so I hope he's closer to what we saw Saturday night. He had a tough job with Ayers and Brown out and played well.

    I think Turner has won the center job for now. Schwenke being out with the hammy didn't help him but they obviously hope he's the future.

    Wimbly doesn't need a lot of preseason work. No way they cut him, IMO, because of all the dead money. They may end up using him in passing situations.

    I think the Skins would be crazy to trade Cousins but, if he's for real, they'd get a lot more than Wright for it if they did, IMO. The Eagles got a good CB and a second-round pick for Kolb a couple of years ago.

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    Ah, but you see it wasn't Munch that drafted him. It was Ruston Webster. Webster will most likely be around even if Munch gets fired. Webster still has the future to look towards because if this team ever does get turned around, it will be on his shoulders.

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