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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Nov 5, 2012.


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    Wait, so youre just now overreacting?

    Had me fooled.
  2. TitansWillWin2

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    Listen I expect us to lose to the good teams and beat the bad teams. Thats what we are this year and were last year. Do i expect to get blown out and give up 51 points? NO. That last game was a fluke. It wont happen again. We still will finish 7-9
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    I am not saying lose, I am saying as fans we shouldn't accept this garbage. We should be a playoff team close to every year, thats when culture of losing starts to change. Going 8-8 means your not good enough and that is my exact point with how we take this team. I go to the Mall and I see just as much Steeler stuff as Titans stuff. Until we start expected greatness, this stuff will continue and i know because this is how it starts. Coming from an Oiler perspective.
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  4. Titans Eternal

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    I remember a few years ago we knocked both of their qb's out of the game, and they started running the wildcat... and destroyed us. They moved down the field and scored using only wildcat. Was really sad. At this moment, I fully expect the Dolphins to dominate us.
  5. Gunny

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    Am I the only one who read the thread like in the voice of Professor Farnsworth?
  6. SlidePiece

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    25 games in.
  7. ncaalover12

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    I think I could be okay with Munchak getting the last year of his contract to show how he can get his team to perform with different coordinators, and possibly a completely different looking team.
    I'm talking some crazy good coordinators like bringing in Rivera as DC and some great hire at OC that I can't even think of. No disrespect to Gray and Palmer, I'm sure they tried, but they're clearly out of their leagues when it comes to being competitive and having complete control of their sides of the ball.

    In the draft, we need to rebuild both of the lines, because without protection Jake will just keep getting hurt and we'll never see what he can (or can't) do. I think Wimbley is solid, but Casey seems to have taken a step back and Morgan is still iffy. We need a DOMINANT defensive tackle to really help out. McCarthy needs to show he can stay healthy or he can be replaced too as far as I'm concerned. I don't even want to think about keeping Griffin, unless he's made to show ANY kind of reason for being kept next season.

    I'm still on the fence about CJ, I want him to succeed and love the spark he provides, but especially this season, he really doesn't help us win the big games...and his contract seems to be way too much for a flash in the pan type of player like him.
  8. SlidePiece

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    5 of our 6 losses have been blowouts. It will happen again. Texans? Packers?
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    I full expect the Texans to take us out behind a barn and give us a good old fashioned country ass kicking.

    The Packers game... we may get lucky if they decide to rest their starters even though there would still be one game left maybe they rest them put in the backups at halftime?.... how many points can they put up in a half?

    As far as the Dolphins go, these guys are not the team everyone thought they would be at the start of the season. They have a true chance at being a playoff team but with that being said....I am hoping that Bud's words hit home for some of these guys. Maybe they will step up to the plate knowing their jobs are on the line. Although.. what good would it really do? We have no chance at making the playoffs.

    I am getting tired of this same old crap every season. We have played 8 games and our season is already over. All we have to look forward to now is what position and who will be available there in the draft.

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    Yes the Dolphins are 4-4 and have a respectable defense, but who have they beaten? They have the 23rd ranked offense.

    Their wins are vs the Oakland Raiders :boo:, the Cincinnati Bengals :bored:, Fishers Rams :nono:, and the New York Jets :suspect:, the Dolphins are not some great team. And this talk about being some amazing run stop defense? Let me throw some names around; Daryl Richardson, Shonn Greene, and Vick Ballard. It's not like Miami is shutting down these amazing RB's.
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