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    Best division? NFC East or AFC South?

    Nov. 13, 2007
    By Clark Judge Senior Writer

    So who's the NFL's best? Well, once we get past New England we're talking about the pack, and give me the AFC South.

    It was a close call with the NFC East, mostly because that division is balanced from Teams 2-4 -- with last-place Philadelphia still a formidable opponent on most schedules.

    But the AFC South wins out because it has three legitimate playoff teams.

    First, there's Indianapolis, and I don't care what the records say -- the Colts still are the second best club out there. Then there's Jacksonville, which just demonstrated it can win on the road with Quinn Gray -- and, no, I never heard of him before, either.

    Finally, we get to Tennessee, which continues to hang tough despite swearing off a passing game.

    That makes it the toughest division trio out there, and it's reflected in its non-division record. Indianapolis is 4-2; Jacksonville is 4-1; Tennessee is 4-1 and last-place Houston is 4-2. That works out to 16-6, which ties it with the NFC East.

    So why is it better? Because it has the defending Super Bowl champion Colts, who came a whole lot closer to beating New England than Dallas, and because its top three are superior to the NFC East's top three.

    Oh, yeah, and because it's the AFC. End of discussion.
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    Ha! Not a lot of logic, but a conclusion that I can get on board with.
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