Rumor Golden Tate anyone?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ropy0386, Jun 22, 2021.

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  1. ropy0386

    ropy0386 Starter

    So Golden Tate says he wants to come home to Tennessee. Would adding him be an embarrassment of riches? Best 3 WR group in the league by far? If he could be had on the cheap he would be great insurance policy and WR 4.

    Golden Tate Names 3 Teams He'd Like To Play For

    Among the destinations that the 32-year-old wide receiver named were the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts. Both teams would give Tate a strong veteran quarterback to play with and strong pass-catching crew to fold into.

    But Tate also named the Los Angeles Rams as a team that he has an eye on, which could set up a reunion between him and Matthew Stafford. The former Lions wide receiver had his best few years in the league when he played alongside Stafford in Detroit, catching over 90 passes in four different seasons.

    “I would love to go back home to Tennessee,” Tate said, via SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Indy, over with Carson Wentz. Obviously, the L.A. Rams would be fantastic with Stafford. I had my best years with Stafford. I really like the entire NFC West to be honest.”
  2. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    I think we’re good at WR for now.
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  3. RTH

    RTH Meh...

    If he wants it so bad, Vet Minimum should work.
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  4. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    I feel like this is becoming an annual name suggestion. I know this isn’t the first thread regarding Tate.
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  5. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    If Reynolds and Firkser were not on the team then I'd be br cool with Tate but with the current WR group we have I dont see were he'd get the snaps.

    If we are going to add more at WR I'd rather see Dede Westbrook or Kenny Still instead as it would give us a guy with a different skill set to what we currently have on the roster.
  6. Aqutis30

    Aqutis30 Do you mind - NOT being a Motaur?

    There will be room on the COVID style PS.
  7. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    I'd rather have Reynolds...our WR group is probably the best we've had...I don't see Tate giving us more than what Reynolds can do

    Maybe he can go play with Jalen Ramsey in LA lol
  8. titansrule00000

    titansrule00000 Pro Bowler

    I’d pass, has this dude even done anything in the past 4 years?
  9. HurrayTitans!

    HurrayTitans! Useless trivia knowledge champion

    He’s been at least part of a FA/trade thread each of the last four years round these parts.
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