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    Yeah. And I would take Earl Campbell over any RB we have had the last few years. Kevin Carter over any of the DEs. Al Smith over any of the MLBs we have had lately.
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    Walker has actually been a pretty darn good signing. Is production is solid with 57 catches and 540 yards. He was way cheaper than it would have been to keep Cook and Walker only has 100 fewer receiving yards this year in one less game. He is obviously a much better blocker.
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    which is pretty real solid for a TE vs a playmaker WR

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    Walker > Cook, but I don't think he has scratched the surface on what he can do here. Next year I see him really having a great year if we don't blow this whole thing up.
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    Who has more TDs on the team than Walker? (He has 6)

    Wycheck only had 6 TD's in one season, and was McNairs primary target for years. How many yards did Wycheck average per year? I would tell you but you clearly need to go look some stuff up. (No, I am not saying Walker is Wycheck) youre just mindlessly complaining.

    Define "making a difference"
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    Its really tough to compare the league now to what it was when Air played.

    For example, if Steve started his career recently, he'd be as deadly as they come. Defenders wouldn't be able to 'tee off' on him as before. His peak didn't last too long because he kept getting hit and injuries just took a serious tole on him. The warrior played through so much, but imagine he didn't have to. Makes you wonder what could have been... Instead of Frank's 6TDs, today that would be 12..

    Passing yards and TD numbers today are bogus compared to back in the day. After Manning broke the single season TD mark, they brought up a chart showing the top 5. Its a joke, 4/5 were recent with Manning x 2, Brady and Brees, then Marino back way when...

    When I get older, Sr. analysts (who would be about my age) will talk of a time when throwing 30 TDs was excellent and 40 down right amazing... vs what will probably become by then 30 being bad, 40 being average, and only 50+ being elite...
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