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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Bayou Titan, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more

    i was doing my "Fantasy" day ... not what i really think will happen.
    find a thread for that and i'll give you what i really believe.

    but i did mention six new linemen... read the post carefully and youll count em.

    yeah i was wrong about bently... been playing too much madden here and i guess he's been on the falcons for a while in my seasons and it just stuck in my head... but i still think he would be a great addition
    man... sorry about the douche... said that out of annoyance...
    by the way i spent last summer in sweden with my girlfriend and germany for two weeks i know what "Deutsch" means.
  2. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    Ah, I see you did mention six. Seems where you were talking about who to let go, I understood that as you meant to let go of one of our OLinemen. Yeah, Madden can do that to ya. Ahh touche, seems I was wrong about you. I was in Sweden this summer as well - women are amazing there, as I'm sure you noticed. :brow:

    Guess it was all one misunderstanding, I appologize. English isn't my first.
  3. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    Hawk is a good choice, although Brooks would be nice, too. Certainly Mario Williams factors in as well, KVB or not. I like the Hackney pick, although his biggest ding is he's alittle short, not very athletic and needs to improve his overall game, but would certainly be worth the 4th or 5th as a developmental project. He's got quite a cannon also. Thompsons got game, no doubt, but he's not showing it this year, which is a shame and could cost him a job. I would have liked to see what Fuller and Thompson could have done this year, if Fuller had remained healthy.
  4. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more


    Yeah my girl is a swede... dont really know how i pulled that off... dont worry bout the english, used to that with her too. sorry myself man
  5. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    Nice and no need to appologize - misunderstandings happen and I made a fool of myself, which probably dinged any little sense of credibility I got from the fellow posters. But, that aside, I figured I give it a shot at being a GM for a day. Here goes.

    We all know our needs, it's blatant. So, who do we get at those positions and what moves do we make first? Obviously we need to clean house with those that aren't worth the money and if their willing to stay for a cheaper price, I think you have to retain a few in key positions for depth and experience. Hoppy is certainly the first to go, but could be willing to stay at a cheaper price. Olson is gone. I would axe Sirmon and his 3 million as well. Tank can walk in FA along with Hartwig. I'd retain Kassell for depth, but at a cheaper price, that is if he's willing to do that and if no one picks him up via FA. Now it's time to talk business with McNair. I'd, personally, would retain him and restructure his contract. He's done it numerous times and I can assure myself that talks won't be too heated or tough. So, I restructure with him a fair and friendly deal that makes both sides happy. Then, I shop Volek for a third. Most likely to Heimi and the Jets. They could technically go QB in the draft, but I think they'll go RB and retain Pennington. They did, afterall, give him that contract. But they need insurance and Volek is the man. Both sides are happy; we get our third back, Volek has a much better guaruntee of starting and the Jets get their insurance plus someone who knows the system. It's a Win/Win situation.

    Now to hit the FA market, hopefully I havn't put it off too long and can find the key vets I need. First and foremost, I'd grab Will Witherspoon, a OLB from Carolina. He's not "cold footage" waiting to happen, but is solid and young. With the Depth in this years draft, I think Carolina could afford to let him go plus Thomas Davis, their first round selection this year, is looking to be converted to LB anyways. Saftey's my next priority. Chavous would be my dream candidate, but could likely be resigned by the Vikes or go somewhere else before I get the chance to nab him. He's a Vandy alum, maybe that's enough to convince him to come back.

    Draft day's here and it's time to make some critical decisions. As of now, I've got picks in all seven rounds, plus another fifth for Dyson and seventh I think for Calmus. I've got two scenario's depending on what happens in regards to KVB.

    KVB stays:
    (1) Ahmad Brooks (May be a bit of a reach and I'm thinking this one over. I like what he brings in the middle, but his injury history concerns me.)
    (2) Bernard Pollard, S. Purdue or Greg Blue, S. Georgia (Hopefully, one of these guys are around.)
    (3) Darrell Hackney, QB. UAB (Good developmental QB with some good tools, who could be a bit like McNair, but not near as polished coming out. Would do him some good behind McNair and let Chow work on his Mechanics and Technique. He could stand to drop to 230 or 235 and improve his athleticism somewhat.)
    (4) Terna Nande, OLB. Miamo(OH) (Good depth at LB, solid prospect)
    (5a) Taitusi Lutui, G. USC (A good Guard prospect from one of college's premier OLines.)
    (5b) Jeff Webb, WR. SDST (BPA. This kid has gotten some publicity on some Draft boards. He's shown some good hands and could develope into a #1. This is insurance for Calico.)
    (6,7a,7b) BPA.

    KVB is gone:

    (1) Mario Williams, DE. NCST (This kid is the next Peppers, you can't pass on him. Hopefully he'll more than make up for KVB's departure.)
    (2) Abdul Hodge, ILB. Iowa (I need a force in the middle and this kid hits like a ton of bricks.)
    (3) Darrell Hackney, QB. UAB (See above.)
    (4) Daniel Bullocks, S. Nebraska (I need safety help and this guys a good pick up at this point. Solid prospect, not as good as his brother, but solid.)
    (5a) Taitusi Lutui, G. USC (see above.)
    (5b) Jeff Webb, WR. SDST (see above.)
    (6, 7a, 7b) BPA.

    Preety much the same things, with certain changes to accomodate my needs. Discuss and have at it. It's a bit wishfull and farfetched, but it's nice to dream a little.
  6. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    Terna Nande - I got him on Madden once and he was quick as, I was just wondering if he is fast in real life?
  7. DeutschTitan

    DeutschTitan Camp Fodder

    Yeah he is from what I've read, havn't had a chance to see him.
  8. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more

    nice off season there...
    still think the qb needs to be worked out soon(my opinion)... but if omar, vince and quinn stay in school i'd be more than happy with that scenario

    i like slay more than bullocks... he's listed as a 4th rd. guy on some sites and already broke derrick kohnson's forced fumble record from last year... plus he HURTS PEOPLE:grrr:
  9. TM

    TM Starter

    The Titans don't do anything particularily well except return kicks. When you are weak everywhere, then you have to set priorities and try to get very good at 1 or 2 things.

    My priorities would be:

    1. Find a QB of the future. Mcnair's body is breaking down and he's too expensive and not dependable.
    2. Upgrade the running game (OL and RB)
    3. Upgrade the run defense (maybe DT but certainly more speed at SOLB)

    Let a true #1 WR wait and give our 3 rookies a chance to develop. Wait on upgrading the safety position. (Draft a developmental prospect on the second day, but not early unless a great player fell into our laps in round 2.)

    I also think from watching Rivers play that he's worth our #1. You always take a good QB prospect whenever you have the chance, IMO.
  10. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    Let's not forget there's a certain S from Va Tech that's on the IR right now with some promise.

    I'm not in the Rivers camp. I think we'd have to pay too much to get him, and that's not even counting the fact that his freaking contract would be up FAR before any rookie that we draft, meaning we'd have to turn around and pay him AGAIN. That's not to mention the fact that McNair's going to be around for another year or two to mentor...
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