Giants sign Adoree 3/$39 million

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Dman5TX, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. TitansWrath

    TitansWrath Pro Bowler

    Hey, the guy swung for the fences on the FA moves last season, and pretty much everyone here was excited about it. We needed pass rushers, he signed two big name pass rushers.

    They didn't work out. It happens. You don't get a hit every time you step to the plate.

    But I much prefer this to previous gms whom just sat on their hands every free agency period and then drafted pretty much nothing but duds.

    Jrob aggressively tries to make our team better. Some moves pay off, some don't. That's the biz.
  2. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    Nice cop out. I won't hold it against you. Now can we please stop making every thread a "JRob isn't great debate"? We get your stance and I don't think anyone is arguing with you.

    Might as well bring back the old VY threads.
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  3. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Pro Bowler

    Yes but then you say things like he’s only gotten this team from 2-14 to AFCCG because of luck (broken clock).

    I think most people are genuinely fair on here about JRob. There are definitely some who see no evil but there are some who see no good either.

    I just think when compared to the rest of the league he stacks up pretty damn well. That doesn’t mean I think everything he touches is gold because that’s far from true.

    Remember he is the one who axed Mularkey despite us winning a playoff game that year. He brought in Vrabel and has drastically turned our culture around. When’s the last time we as titans fans have had to complain about other teams outbidding us for our own players? Haynesworth is legitimately the only one I can think of.

    I think one of the best sign of a someone being great is when they can admit they were wrong. He quickly moves on from his mistakes. That’s all we can ask. When you mess up move on and move forward. We spent way too many years trying to wait and see on guys and it got us nowhere.
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  4. TitanMark

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    No more starters are backups are being cut and the money can be found. Explanations on how have been written in here for weeks. The Oline will be fine.
  5. nbtoppers2

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    The giants organization hasn't been good in years. This was a dumb move. As short as the contract is, I still don't see him finishing it there.
  6. TitanJeff

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    Uh. Please no.
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  7. Chronos

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    Files are probably too big...
  8. Hormesis

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    If we bringing back any old threads, it has to be ( Amano, the Most Interesting Man thread).... VY thread lasted forever
  9. Tricky

    Tricky Starter

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  10. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    It's all just opinions...I don't know enough about other GMs and like I've said JRob has done a good job thus far. He's made mistakes as well as he's hit on a few things

    Looking forward to seeing what the additions this year bring
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