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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>At the start of the month, in conjunction with a larger project unfolding in its final stages on "SportsCenter" this week, I <a href="/blogs/afcsouth/0-7-501/Who-should-be-on-the-Colts--Mount-Rushmore-.html" target="_blank">asked you</a> which faces belong on a Mount Rushmore for the Colts.</p> <p>You provided some great feedback with comments and notes to the mailbag.</p> <p>There wasn't a true consensus on whether to only go back to 1984 when the team relocated to Indy or to include the franchise's entire history.</p> <p>But the AFC South executive advisory committee has decided since we said such a monument would be carved near Lucas Oil Stadium or the team's current practice facility, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have Johnny Unitas' face immortalized there.</p> <p>Regarding the <a href="" target="_new">Indianapolis Colts</a>' Mount Rushmore, then, here's a solid sampling of your thinking:</p> <p><strong>Scott in Indy:</strong> Colts Mt Rushmore <a href="" target="_new">Peyton Manning</a> Bill Polian Tony Dungy <a href="" target="_new">Marvin Harrison</a> All likely will end up in the hall of fame and all are the cornerstones to the Colts run of success in the past decade.<br /> chianga: How can you not put down the big 3 and the man who assembled them? Manning, Edge, Harrison, and the man who put them together, Bill Polian. For all that we love Dungy, there's no excuse for coming away with exactly 0 SB's with the big 3 together, and only one total in his tenure. Sorry Tony, but some of those playoff games should've been wins.</p> <p><strong>Dave:</strong> As far as the Colts Mt. Rushmore I think it should be limited to Indianapolis and include: Peyton Manning Marvin Harrison Tony Dungy Jim Irsay Jr. Maybe I would go so far as to consider Tom Moore instead of Irsay, and would throw consideration toward <a href="" target="_new">Reggie Wayne</a> and <a href="" target="_new">Jim Harbaugh</a> as well. If Baltimore is included then it should only have Unitas and Manning on it, no one else.<br /> tredukes: P. Manning, Coach Dungy, M. Harrison, and J. Saturday</p> <p><strong>Logan in Indianapolis:</strong> For the Colts Mount Rushmore, I would have to say that the best move is to make it from 1984 onward. The accomplishments of the <a href="" target="_new">Baltimore Colts</a> remain in that city. The identity of the Colts changed when they moved in 1984. As for the faces on the sculpture: 1: Peyton Manning-A first ballot hall of famer who has become the definition of the franchise. This one is a no brainer. 2: <a href="" target="_new">Marshall Faulk</a>: Everyone remembers Faulk from his St. Louis days, buy he started his career in Indianapolis. Faulk ran hard for the Colts, despite the team not being very good. In his day, he was the brightest spot on the team. 3: Jim Harbaugh: No team and quarterback have ever had a relationship with a city like Jim Harbaugh and the 95-96 Colts have with Indianpolis. A 9-7 team that made a cinderella run to the AFC Championship game and provided thrills and hope for the weary city. 4: Tony Dungy: Tony proved that nice guys can finish first. The first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl, a spiritual man who reached out to his new home, and a steadying presence on the sideline in the most turbulent situations.</p> <p><strong>Deshawn in Buenos Aires:</strong> Inspired by your question this week... <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> <p><strong>dhwinston:</strong> Manning, Harrison, Polian, Saturday... all should be in the hall of fame and have had more to do with the success of this team than anyone. Honorable mention: Reggie Wayne, Tom Moore, Jim Harbaugh (a stretch maybe, but he kept this franchise alive before Manning showed up and I'll never forget 95), Jim Irsay Jr.</p> <p><strong>cassieper:</strong> To the first question: No, only Indy players should be allowed. I live near Indy and root for the Colts, and I feel absolutely no connection to Batimore. It's like the Baltimore Colts were a different team that doesn't exist anymore.</p> <p>For the 4 players, you have to start with Peyton Manning for obvious reasons. I can just about guarantee that he is on all of the lists that you get. Second, I will put Marvin Harrison on there for his entire body of production. In my opinion, he's the 2nd greatest receiver in NFL history. He's been the quiet face of the Colts since Peyton rolled into town. Third, I'm going to choose Tony Dungy. There are 2 things important to Indiana sports fans. Those are that the team wins, and that it wins the right way. See: Kelvin Sampson getting run out of town when he had a potential Final Four team. Coach Dungy did them both very successfully, not to mention the ridiculous winning percentage and Super Bowl victory. Lastly, I would put Bill Polian up on the stone monument. His crowning moment was when he chose NOT to draft <a href="" target="_new">Ryan Leaf</a>, but instead some 6-4, 230 lb kid named Peyton Manning, but it doesn't end there. The Colts have been an amazing drafting team since Polian's arrival with Polian showing himself to be an excellent talent evaluator. <a href="" target="_new">Jeff Saturday</a> was an undrafted free agent who was cut by the Ravens. <a href="" target="_new">Robert Mathis</a> was found in the 5th round. Those are just a few of the many great finds by Polian.</p> <p><strong>Oddest nominations:</strong> Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Mike Curtis.</p> <p><strong>Key debate and what surprised me:</strong> The fourth slot was tough. <a href="" target="_new">Edgerrin James</a> got huge consideration, but it's hard to go with only offensive players. I didn't get any mentions of <a href="" target="_new">Dwight Freeney</a> in your feedback. One of the keys to the Colts' defense for the last 11 seasons is hard to ignore.</p> <p><strong>Hardest to leave off:</strong> James and Freeney.</p> <p>And so, the Indianapolis Colts Mount Rushmore is: Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy and Bill Polian.</p>

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