Get em up... post your final Titans mock draft.

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by HeadOnASwivel, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    Alright, here I go.

    1st - Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

    2nd - David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State

    3rd - Brian Schwenke, C, California

    3rd(c) - Travis Kelce, TE, Cinncinnati

    4th - Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall

    5th - Xavier Nixon, OT, Florida

    6th(c) - Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton

    7th - Jordan Rodgers, QB, Vanderbilt

    7th - Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt

    As you can see this is an offensive draft supporting Locker. Our offensive line is set, with quality depth.

    We get a potential stud receiver who will have some time to learn the offense and provide some insurance next year if Britt and or Washington leave.

    We nab a stud TE, with mad athleticism. In today's NFL you need some viable threats in the middle of the field. Walker has been a back up his whole career but does have potential in the passing game. Thompson has potential as well, but that's all he is, he's proven nothing to this point. Stevens has decent hands but is a monster in he run game.

    We have a potential steal at corner who will compete for the starting job but at the very least, provide more depth.

    We land an offensive tackle who has tons of upside, but needs to work with some great coaches... cough, cough, Matthews and Munch :)

    A beast of a sleeper at defensive end in Catapano.

    I have a gut feeling that Jordan Rodgers could be a real steal, and it's nothing to do with his brother and everything to do with his accuracy and intelligence. We also grab a competent backup running back in Stacy, they will help one another transition into the league.
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  2. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    I like that mock a lot and can't do a better one than that. Still... I just don't see any way the Titans make it out with only a late-6th DE. Way too thin at the position (and way too many good DE prospects in this class) to not take one earlier.

    Don't think C is a big need at this point. I'd slot a DE in that spot.
  3. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    The thing is, behind Velasco who do we really have? We signed depth this off season, but I don't see a lot of starter potential at center. Harris and Amano are goners, at least that's my opinion, so we still need depth.

    Perhaps DE or Safety would look better than a center in round 3, I'll mull it over and perhaps I'll make a final edit.
  4. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    1. Kenny Vaccaro, DB Texas
    2. Tank Carradine, DE FSU
    3. Da'Rick Rogers, WR Tenn Tech
    3(b). Brian Winters, G Kent State
    4. TJ McDonald, S USC
    5. Brennan Williams, OT UNC
    6. Vince Williams, LB FSU
    7. Jawan Jamison, RB Rtugers
    7(b). Khalid Wooten, CB, Nevada
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  5. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Two mocks, only the first three rounds are different.

    1.10- Dee Milliner
    2.10 - Larry Warford
    3.10 - Travis Frederick
    3.comp - Marquess Wilson
    4.10 - Dennis Johnson
    5.10 - Michael Mauti
    6-10 - Micheal Williams

    1.10 - Cooper
    2.10 - Banks/Trufant
    3.10 - Joe Kruger - DE
    3.comp - Marquess Wilson - WR
    4.10 - Dennis Johnson - RB
    5.10 - Michael Mauti. - MLB
    6.10 - Micheal Williams. - TE

    The first two rounds have options but will probably revolve around OG and Corner. After that I think it opens up a bit and we could either address the C issue or add DE depth.

    My comp pick is a large and lanky WR that reminds me much of Kenny britt. Size and athleticism are extremely close between the two. 6'3, 4.5 forty and can go and snag the ball out of the air. I do believe we need another WR but we need larger ones. Wright is a good player but he is limited by his size. This guy could quickly produce on our team.

    Dennis Johnson is a severely underrated RB. This guy reminds me of Ray Rice. Shorter guy but good bulk and impressive running. Needs to hold into the ball but I think this kid would be a good sub for CJ and Greene.

    Mauti is a waiver guy. Has had bad knees and much like our other MLB, has been troubled with injuries... But in the 5th he makes a good point. His level of play in the field is awesome and he's a true leader. If McCarthy goes down, try Mauti...

    Micheal Williams is a large TE from Alabama. This guy to me is basically for run downs and short yardage situations. This guy was always making key blocks for Alabama and springing their running backs. I view this as an extra O line pick. He did get some touches in the passing game, but far and few between. Huge man.
  6. xhrr

    xhrr Starter

    I could be off here but this looks eerily close to my mock on FBfuture
  7. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    I think I'm actually going to go back and change the Vaccaro pick. I'd be happy with it, but I think they go CB and DJ Hayden has been rising fast.
  8. xhrr

    xhrr Starter

    You think Hayden in the first?
  9. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    With the assumption that Milliner is gone, maybe. I honestly have no idea what we'll do. I'm hoping anything but guard and wide receiver.

    I know we haven't addressed CB in free agency at all despite there being a lot of veterans getting cheap deals and this class seems to be loaded with talent.

    I think Rhodes is looked at less highly than people on here think. Rhodes is a pretty scheme specific player while Hayden and Trufant can play in anything.
  10. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Round 1) Bjeorn Werner, DE, Florida St. -- Werner is IMO the most NFL ready DE in this draft. He is not the most athletic guy but he reminds me of KVB and I think he will be a great DE in this league.

    Round 2) Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi St. -- Slay is a big (6'1), athletic corner who has good hips. He can most likely start day 1 on the outside and move Verner into the slot on nickle downs.

    Round 3) Brian Winters, OG/OT, Kent St. -- The Titans have met with Winters 4 times this off season and I think its a forgone conclusion that he will be a Titans. Winters can compete from day 1 for our RG position.

    Round 3) Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall -- Dobson is a big, sure handed wideout that will give us depth this year and develop to replace either Williams or Britt next season.

    Round 4) AJ Klein, LB, Iowa St. -- Klein is a instinctual LB that has racked up 100+tackles two years in a row at Iowa St. He can play both Will and Mike backer and will give us depth if McCarthy cannot stay healthy.

    Round 5) Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio St. -- Fragel was a 3 year blocking TE at Ohio St before he was moved to RT and became an day one starter. He is still learning the position but he had a lot of upside and will give us a developmental stater at OT.

    Round 6) Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky -- Smith lead the NCAA in sacks in 2012 but a late ACL tear has killed his draft stock. Smith can take the 5th DE spot from Soloman and serve as a pass rush specialist.

    Round 6) Khaled Holmes, OC, USC -- Holmes was at one time thought to be the top center in this class but injuries and a poor year has killed his stock. Like mike Brewster a year before he could fall from the 2nd/3rd round to a UFA in a year.

    Round 7) Brandon Moore, DT, Texas -- Moore is a 320 DT with a little bit of upside. He will mostly serve as practice squad fodder.

    Round 7) Jordan Rodgers, QB, Vanderbilt -- Accurate developmental QB that we can put on the practice squad for a season. Rusty Smith is a FA after this season and we could use a 3rd sting QB in 2014.

    QB: Locker/Fitzpatrick/Smith
    HB: Johnson/Greene/Reynard
    FB: Mooney
    WR: Britt/Wright/Washington/Walter/Dobson/Preston
    TE: Walker/Thompson/Stevens
    OT: Roos/Stewert/Otto/Fragel
    OG: LeVitre/Winters/Turner/Stingiley
    OC: Velasco/Spencer

    DE: Werner/Morgan/Wimbley/Dawson/Smith
    DT: Martin/Hill/Casey/Potoitua/Klug
    LB: Brown/McCarthy/Ayers/Fokou/Klein/Bailey/Shaw
    CB: McCourty/Verner/Slay/Campbell/Senasabaugh
    FS: Griffin/Martin
    SS: Pollard/Wilson/Afalava

    K: Bironas
    P: Kern
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