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  1. Alex1939

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    What would be your general philosophy regarding team building?

    What are your thoughts on the below?

    Rule 1: It's about the QB.

    Implementation: Draft a QB between 1st and 3rd rounds every second to third year unless you are convinced you have a Superbowl Caliber QB. ALWAYS (almost) draft a QB between the 4th-7th rounds. Montana and Brady were late round selections so always roll the dice if available. Worst case if you end up with 2 elite QBs is one walks but if you manage it right then trade potential.

    Rule 2: The game is won in the trenches.

    Implementation: ALWAYS draft a D-lineman in the first 3 rounds. Almost always draft O-lineman in the first 4 rounds.

    Rule 3: Draft players FOR LIFE

    Implementation: When appropriate, keep the good drafted players over the good free agents. For example, if there was a 4 year drafted DE vs. a 4 year DE (that was on the team for 2, acquired via free agency) and the FA slightly (only slightly) outperformed the drafted guy... re-sign the drafted guy anyway. Why? Build a culture and identity for the team. Titans for life.

    Rule 4: Get the weapons (after you have the QB)

    Implementation: Once you are convinced in your QB (and maintain your commitment to drafting linemen early) then target WR/LB/CB/S playmaker. (The opposite of the Lions WR-WR-WR 1st round draft strategy)

    Rule 5: RBBC (Running Back By Committee)

    Implementation: Run a 60/40 split on carries and try to minimize this positions expense as much as possible.

    Rule 6: Prioritize spending

    Implementation: QB > DL > OL > WR > CB,S > LB > TE > RB > K > P

    Rule 7: Use free agency

    Implementation: Free agency is a great revolving door for cheap depth. But don't be afraid to occasionally target a high dollar playmaker.
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  2. Ensconatus

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    This one is pretty tricky...

    You must first have the vision of offense and defense. Head coach and OC and DC in place to begin a successful franchise.


    QB oriented. No doubt in this era, it's all about the QB.

    Offensive line, the game is won in the trenches. O line prospects tend to be dried up by round 3... But the first round is a tad too early. When building on a single unit, it's a good idea to double up in the same year. Keeping youth and talent together. Build a strong run based team.

    DL--The big, long, really athletic type. 6'5 and above with the long arms please. While its hard to always get pressure on the QB, closing throwing windows by getting hands in the way is a solid method... Make opposing qbs throw through a Forrest

    CB -- smaller, fast man corners.

    Lbs with good speed, blitzing ability

    Rb by committee. Drafted in the 3/4 rounds.

    Solid utility fb.

    Larger WR for run blocking.

    3 TE sets. Receiving TEs a must.

    Offensively, run heavy with heavy play action.
    Defensively, man, blitz, a giant front 4
  3. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    If you do the first 6 steps correctly then rule 7 is just used for depth. Look at some of the better teams in the NFL. How often are they big spenders in free agency? They build their teams through the draft and get lucky as hell getting a top QB.

    Basically if you can get a franchise QB, build up both the lines, and a sprinkle of a couple good playmakers then you're set. Look at the Giants, a team a lot like us a couple years ago until Manning took that next step. Good OL, good DL, and some talent spread out everywhere else. The difference is we had VY/Collins and they had Eli.
  4. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    I agree with most of that. I wouldn't draft a QB every single year though. I would draft a guy that I thought could be the 'franchise' QB, and give him probably 3-4 years before drafting another one. In the mean time try to find a veteran as a starter until the young QB is ready. But pretty much everything I would do on offense would be to help the young QB develop. Here are just some general guidelines that I would try to use.

    - The OL would probably be my 1st priority, or 1b with QB being 1a. This is for 2 reasons, 1 - no QB will be successful behind a bad OL and 2 - OL can last for a really long time, so if you invest in good ones early, then they will still be around when you are ready to compete.

    - DL is my next priority. I truly believe that a good DL can make a bad D good, and a good D great. I would try to get my DL mainly through the draft. Preferably start with the DTs and work out, but if there is a DE that you just can't pass up, then by all means take him.

    - Get a couple of good TEs for your young QB. They don't have to be Gates good, but if they have good hands and can always make the 8 - 10 yard catch when nothing else is open that will be a huge help to a young QB. Could be FA, could be mid-round picks

    - DRAFT a future #1 wr for your QB to grow with. Sometime in Rounds 1-2. The rest of the WR core can be a mix of FAs and later round picks. Your WR and QB should be hitting their prime at about the same time. Lets make sure they will already be on the same page when this happens.

    - Make sure you have a good RB. Doesn't need to be a 1st rounder. Can be a FA or mid to late round picks and can be by commitee if needed, but a good running game is essential to developing your young QB.

    - Next would be the LBs/CBs/Safeties ... they don't have to be all pro, but you need good depth and guys that can hold their own. Use the mid - late rounds in the draft as well as FA to get these guys. If all your other positions are set on the D, and you have good depth already, then by all means go after an 'all pro' at one of these positions either through FA or a high draft pick.

    - Don't always just draft the BPA, need should factor in some as well - A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Why replace your strongest steel link with a carbon nanotube link, when your weakest link is made out of a noodle.

    - Have a good mix of veteran leadership/youth. Use FA to plug your holes, but don't expect them to be around for too long. If you fill a hole through FA, draft a guy that might be his replacement. Resist overspending on average FAs, but if there is a guy that you can't pass up and you feel will put your team over the top, then overspend if you have too in order to get them.

    - Nobody is safe - Don't care who you are, what you make, when you were drafted, how long you've been on the team, etc ... all positions are up for grabs. The best man will play

    - GIVE IT TIME ... Rome was not built in a day. Teams need time to gel, and it takes time to fill all the holes

    - Admit your mistakes ... nobody is perfect. You WILL make bad draft picks. You WILL strike out in FA. Don't be afraid to cut ties and move on.
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