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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Big TT, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Architect

    Architect Pain Train

    WOW thats way off buddy! You must be one of the new Vince followers... Anyone that has watched this team for more than 13 games knows that we need a DE bad as hell! We have NO pass rush on the DL what so ever.
  2. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    Yes we might need a DE but I think we will get one in FA if not you don't take a DE in round one cuz it's a need who are we gonna take gaines adams won't be there, moses sucks, A. spencer is a round two prospect, and Lawrence Jackson is undecided so we don't draft based on a need becuz thats not always the best choice if we don't get the best player we can.
  3. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill Camp Fodder

    No I just put a lot of stock in finding a quality DE in the draft. I would rather find one in the FA market and later rounds. You got to go with the strength of the draft vs what your needs are. There are lots of mid range quality DE in this draft but none I would take with a top 15 pick. Judging the WR in this draft vs what is available in FA I would take a WR first because there are some real good ones and there is a huge lack in the FA market.

    I think a quality safety will fall to the Titans in the 2nd round, after that it is the best player at the biggest need.
  4. Dr.Awkward

    Dr.Awkward Camp Fodder

    Meachem stated earlier this week that he's not coming out if he's not a first rounder. I don't think he can beat out C. Johnson, D. Jarret, and T. Ginn. I think he'll stay at Tennessee.

    An interesting possibility is T. Gonzalez from Ohio State. Despite what Jim Tressel says, Gonzalez has the best hands on that team. T. Ginn has dropped a lot of balls this year and Gonzalez seems to catch everything that comes his way. He's the type of reciever I think would work well with Vince (ie: the type that can really adjust quickly to the ball). We need someone who can improvise with vince when the pocket breaks down.

    If Gonzalez declares, I think he's a solid second rounder and if that's the case, I say we go defense first round and pick him up in the second.

    Just my .02
  5. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    I like Gonzalez in the second at this point.
  6. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    I was just about to say this in response to DaArkitek (sp)
    we should find a PROVEN end in FA instead of looking early in the draft

    I want a STUD WR for Vince, and either a monster S or CB (but I think we might have depth in Lowry/Fuller & Finnegan)

    I'd take a look in the 4th for a DE
  7. oilerstruck

    oilerstruck Hall of Fame

    The only thing we should spend our 1st pick on next year is a top prospect to replace Hill or Thompson. We need to attack the FA market to replace the other.
  8. Yossarian

    Yossarian I am Him.

  9. MattPan25

    MattPan25 Guest

    Ginn Jr. would be a great big play - deep threat to have and it would make for some exciting plays on kick returns to. however now that we have won so many games we might be to far up in the draft to get ginn. i wouldn't mind having anthony gonzalez. resigning drew bennett would play a role in if we draft a wide out which i think he is a free agent after this yr but i hope we get him back.
  10. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

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