Garrard back to form in last month

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky A lot has gone wrong for the Jacksonville Jaguars to get to 3-4.

    But after David Garrard threw four interceptions in the team's first three games -- eclipsing his total in 13 games last season -- he's settled down nicely and playing well.

    In his last four games he's done enough to help the Jaguars win, with five touchdowns, no picks and a 97.8 passer rating -- not far off the 102.2 he posted in 2007.

    And none of that factors in his running, which has been more important because his backs have not been able to get going. Jacksonville's rushing attack, even with Garrard's 37 carries for 161 yards, ranks just 14th in the NFL.

    "I just feel like that I am kind of getting into a groove now," Garrard told Jacksonville reporters. "I feel like the guys are performing well on offense and making me look a whole lot better. I do feel comfortable. I am going to try to continue to lift my level of play to help the offense, to help the team. I still want to play within myself. I still do not want to try to do too much, just keep playing football."

    In the disappointing loss to Cleveland, Garrard accounted for 342 of the club's 380 yards of total offense, throwing for 283 yards and rushing for a team-high 59 yards.

    He has thrown 150 consecutive passes without an interception, the fourth-highest streak in team history. He holds the top mark at 209 passes from Sept. 9, 2007 through Nov. 25, 2007.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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