Gameball Monday: Texans at Titans

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    SUMMARY: A gameball is given each Monday after a victory to a player on offense, defense and special teams.

    Offense: Vince Young - 7-for-15, 87 yards, 87.4 passer rating, 4 carries for 44 yards, 2 TDs Young is improving every game he plays. Though he isn't close to where he needs to be as a passer, he appears to be doing a better job making reads and protecting the football. Better yet, he's using his legs as a weapon which makes defending him even more difficult.

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  2. fltitan

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    I agree Jeff other than to add one on defense to Tony Brown he made a couple of huge plays. VY's numbers and QB rating would have been even better if not for the terrible call on Bennett's reception. The team is playing hard and has made great progress since the 1st game.
  3. I thought putting Young into the starting role too early was bad (this was when we had Volek), after watching kfc throw games away I was all for VY to be the starter, and he's proven he can win games at the highest level...

    I wonder what will happen to Pac though, 1 game suspension perhaps...
  4. TNThunder

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    KVB without a doubt should be the defensive player this week. Young, while not spectacular, did not lose the game again this week, and made several very good plays.
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