Gameball: Jaguars @ Titans

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  1. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: A gameball is given each week to a player on offense, defense and special teams for every Titans victory.

    Chris Johnson
    15 carries for 93 yards. 6.2 average per carry. Long of 18 yards. 3 receptions for 34 yards. Long of 20 yards. One TD.

    The rookie showed well in his first regular season game against a quality Jags defense. For much of the first half, he was the only spark in the Titans offense.

    Honorable Mention: Bo Scaife - 105 yards on six receptions including a 44-yard gainer which lead to an 80-yard fourth quarter drive for a TD.

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    Finny was a beast today. Way to go man! Here comes the Pro Bowl!
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