Game Thread : Peyton to choke O throttle?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

    isn't the preseason where you practice things like this. Now teams will be remembering it during the season.

    Just remember the Titans did it to Indy 3 times in a row in a game.
  2. Hoffa

    Hoffa Freak you you freakin' freak

    Hope the Titans don't practice any reverses in the preseason again.
  3. Tuckfro42

    Tuckfro42 Frozen Donkey Wheel

    I'd be extatic if a Titans QB was only allowed to play one series. That would mean we had a good QB that didn't need the extra "practice" and we wouldn't want to risk getting hurt.

    As gay as Peyton is, I sure wouldn't kick him out of the Titans bed. No, wait, that didn't sound right. Aw, you know what I mean.
  4. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    You bet it didn't. :shake:

    But I got your point. :winker:
  5. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    In a Championship season game where the Ws and Ls go in the record book. Also that was under dehr Schwartzie and Fisher said an unsuccessful onsides kick was about the same as kicking off and the dolts running 2 or 3 plays. Titans had zero answers for the dolts that day.
Thread Status:
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