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    went back and looked at the game again.


    o-line: best game of the year. we havent had push on running plays like that all year. roos went another game holding a premier pass rusher without a sack. i didnt hear ware's name called the entire game. jacob bell is a much better fit at guard. our best chance of running the ball is to the left side. stewart did well, although he did give up the lone o-line sack of the day on our last drive. it was a coverage sack though. vince had more than enough time to throw the ball. this should be our starting line, unless im missing something scheme wise.

    runningbacks: brown was effective early, but faded, which is what he does. only chris brown can stiff arm, run backwards, then fumble. he did run with purpose on the first drive with 26 of his 33 yards coming on that drive. lendale white ran hard, showed some explosion going through the line and was willing to lower his shoulder. ended up with 39 yards with 9 carries, a 4.33 ypc.

    receivers/tightends: it was apparent to me the reason we dont throw deep is because our WRs are unwilling to go up and get the ball. david givens and roydell williams both had chances to make plays on the deep ball.instead of trying to get it at it's highest point they let it come down to them and let it almost get picked. jones had a good third down catch when he was tackled short of the first down marker and lunged forward.

    it looked like vince has trust in troupe and scaife. he threw their direction a few times and a couple of times they were double covered. scaife gave up a sack.

    qb: first, let me say get the designed runs out of the playbook. he is a much more effective runner when it's a pass play and he scrambles for a first down.

    the two minute drill problem at the end of the first half looked to be on givens. vince was trying to get him off the line off scrimmage because he would have been covering up troupe. givens finally stepped back, but there were only a few second left.

    he was much more comfortable in the shotgun, no surprise there. looked like he took the exchange from the center just fine. i didnt see any bobbles or botched qb-rb handoffs going from the center.

    his first INT was a great play by a crafty vet in aaron glen. he stayed in givens' hip pocket until the ball was in the air. i guess it could have been a little higher, but i think glen still would have come down with it. the second INT was entirely youngs fault. it was a bad situation for a rookie qb being backed up on his goal line. i think white was open and vince just didnt see him.

    at least i started the dallas defense in my fantasy league. but let it be known i was not rooting against the titans or against vince.
    young was looking to pass first and run second. for those who said he would look at his first guy and take take off, this ones for you :moon:

    we actually blitzed about 15% of the plays. more than usual, still not a whole lot. we didnt blitz one time in long yardage situations.

    d-line: were handled the whole game. odom, laboy and kvb had a few good plays against the run. no containment by the ends, nothing new. another week another reverse and qb bootleg. our tackle were pretty much handled the entire game too.

    linebacker: sirmon should not be starting right now. he is just too slow. he made a bee-line to julius jones with no one in his way. jones ran right past him. he didnt have a chance. he took the right angle, he just couldnt get there. bulluck had a below average game. thornton made a couple nice open field tackles, but has trouble getting off of blocks.

    dbs: chris hope might be our best player -period. he made a great break on a 15 yard out on dallas' first possession. when he gets his hands on you, you go down. that "left and right safety" thing the coaches were talking about in the preseason was bull. thompson is no where to be found at the line of scrimmage while hope plays there regularly.

    lamont thompson might be our worst player -period. i wonder if he carries his wallet in his uniform, because thompson must have paid marion barber for those rides he gave him yesterday. he needs to learn a hug is not a tackle. he overran terry glen just like he overran marty booker last week. he is slow to react and diagnose run plays. julius jones was past the line scrimmage before thompson even made a break towards the line scrimmage. he then takes the wrong angle and chases the play from behind instead of meeting him head-on.

    pacman: i think it's time to stop fooling around and just have him pasted on the teams number one receiver. ownes had 0 catches when he was line up against him. he made a nice play against owens in the endzone, pulling his arm down so he couldnt make the catch.

    hill: wasnt awful. he was out of position on the long owens pass. i just dont know if he has the speed to be a starting corner. he looks like he's in slow motion sometimes. and it's still pretty obvious when it's a second or third and over 6 the offense is going to throw at his side banking on bad coverage or a missed tackle.

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    Enjoyed the read. Thanks for posting it.

    I watched Sirmon a few plays yesterday and felt the same way. Even when he has a chance to make the play, he appears too slow getting there.
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    You are too kind to Hill
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