Pre-Game Thread Game 4: Jets @ Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Dman

    Dman Starter


    I feel you man, I swear I feel like im going to end up in the hospital from watching this game one day!
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  2. Escape Goat

    Escape Goat Starter

    I will be there Sunday to hopefully watch the Titans lay an ass whooping on the Jets, my least favorite team in the league. Should be a good game honestly. I'm hoping a rookie QB for the Jets is forced into too many mistakes to pull out a win.

    Go titans, stomp a mud hole in his ass
  3. TitansMVP

    TitansMVP Starter

    If Titans can continue to open up the playbook for Locker then I have Titans winning this game.

  4. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Yea, my early prediction is Titans 27 Jets 13.

    Geno is good for at least 10 Titans points.
  5. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor

    This could be a trap game for us. Luckily we have enough veteran leadership to pull everyone in and get focused on the next game.

    I would be worried if they had someone other than Geno Smith. Not that Smith is an awful QB, but we handle running QBs very well.
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    In fairness, I am a NYer and was at that game in full Titans gear and had no problems!;)

  7. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    of course not

    nobody gonna mess with Gut
  8. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    Intelligent Jets fans are coming out of the woodworks (where the giants fans have gone to hide) now that they see the team is viable, 2-1 and the defense is back in business despite the loss of Revis.

    The Jets are a DANGEROUS team right now because they have a ton of talent on D, a strong run game, some good WR's and a good TE receiving threat and a QB who can run and likes to throw deep!

    The area to watch will be the Jets DL versus the Titans OL. Jets have 3 1st round picks and a 350lb NT making a lot of plays freeing up their LB's. Sheldon Richardson is a BEAST and Ive always liked Wilkerson. Coples has bulked up so they have great size! Turner is the key to watch as well as Richardson on Levitre or Warmack and Wilkerson or Coples versus our tackles! Talk about MANO e MANO!!!

    I really think this comes down to who's d can get the better of the other guy and force turnovers. Titans won a close game with 10+ penalties and basically zero in the turnover battle. The Jets won a game where they had 20 penalties and were -2!!! That is IMPRESSIVE!!!

    It's conceivable to get into a shootout but the smart money is a lower scoring affair with a lot of grinding, 3 n outs and turnovers as well as stiff red zone D.

    Both defenses show beef up front, good cb's, a dominant run defending ss and good LB's. Titans LB's can cover the Jets TE's a lot better so Delanie Walker could be a big factor for the Titans. Also, i don't love the Jets secondary depth in the nickel and dime while the titans have more WR quality for 3 and 4 wr sets. Question is, can Locker stay upright long enough to hurt them this way? kendall Wright against the Jets nickel is a big advantage for the Titans IF he sees enough snaps!

    It will be interesting to see if the Jets put Cromartie on Nate all day or match size and have him cover Britt (if Britt even starts) with Wilson on Nate.

    On the flip side, the Jets run D is pretty talented and certainly will give the titans all they can handle up front. I suspect Rex will put his 350lb NT right on Turner (OC) all game and I'd expect to see some serious A gap blitzing to try and single Turner up on a big bullrushing guy...exactly what he's been having problems with.

    Turnovers and special teams could easily be the difference here. Titans dropped a punt snap and missed a 43yd fg. In a game like this, that could be the difference!

    Titans have 3 big advantages. Locker has a LOT more experience then Geno (though Geno put up big numbers last game) and Geno is more likely to throw a pick or 2. Titans have homefield which will make it harder on geno to call and check plays and give the titans pass rush an extra half second to get to him, Locker should have more favorable matchups to throw to and can out run the Jets LB's. The advantage for the Jets is their defensive front 7 is VERY talented, they have a ton of talent at QB and a run stopping SS. Geno is unpredictable and can be dangerous throwing to Holmes, Hill and Kerly. Jets defense has like 12 sacks and they come from everywhere!

  9. Escape Goat

    Escape Goat Starter

    If your being serious I'll take the cat. My wife loves hairless cats.
  10. Escape Goat

    Escape Goat Starter

    No need to try and embarrass a Jet fan. The ones that go watch the draft live every year do it themselves. Bunch of azzclowns
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