Pre-Game Thread Game 3: Chargers @ Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 20, 2013.


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    Locker Mac 9 not so far off now! Worst ref game nfl ever seen and we over came it and we played to win! And got the win
  2. dudemctitan

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    First post here. 20 year fan living in Pittsburgh. If anyone lives in Pittsburgh, let me know. I would love to get a group together to watch the games with people rooting for the good guys. I will be coming down to Nashville for my first game later in the season (most likely Arizona game) and am looking forward to tailgating with my fellow fans.

    Thoughts from Today's game:

    -Locker had a big game. If he can play like this and improve upon his shortcomings (accuracy) while the coaching staff plays to his strengths (running and passing on the run), we should win more than lose this year.

    -The defense is playing very well, and the improvement from last year to this year can not be overstated. The impact of Pollard has been big.

    -CJ played well, both running and blocking. No one is talking **** on him, which is always a good sign. He was close to breaking a monster run today, and I expect him to bust one in the next few weeks.

    -The refs made some bad PI calls on us, but whatever

    -Britt had the chance to make plays and did not. We should trade him now while we have the chance to get a draft pick for him. Hunter can more than make up for him.

    -The offense should look at running a no-huddle offense more often.

    -Nate Washington came up big on multiple plays. A great possession receiver.

    -Can someone PLEASE post a GIF of Rivers kicking the ball. That was hilarious.

    Looking forward to posting more here, looking forward to next week, and LET'S GO TITANS!!!
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  3. Darryl_Licht

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    Whew... I don't have many friends here in So Cal who like Tennessee, most are SD, SF, or OAK fans. Been to see my Titans twice in San Diego over the last 15 years... we got spanked both times!

    Ahhh revenge today was sooooo Sweeeeeet!

    Any So Cal Titans fans?

    Refs today must have been paid off by Chargers, they called everything against us, missed crucial calls for us, and how did both those coaches challenges not get overturned???
  4. Dman

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    Honestly they were not good challenges imo. The first challenge had more of a chance than either one but that was still too iffy to me to risk a timeout.
  5. TitansMVP

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    Nor Cal Titan fan here.
  6. The Playmaker

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    So just got back, picked a great game to go to. Feels great to finally beat the Chargers and win our first home game of the year. Defense has some swagger, offense is getting it going, and hey here we are at 2-1 and our 1 loss was on the road in Houston so not too shabby so far.

    Just a few notes:

    -I really liked Locker's play today. Created some plays with his feet, threw some really nice passes, and came up clutch in the end. He's still a little inconsistent but still has no turnovers and you can tell he's improving week in and week out.

    -I thought OL did pretty well in pass protection but wanted more from the running game. CJ only got to 90 yards and had to earn every yard he got. CJ had a nice game, physical, took what the defense gave him. He'll get more open holes to run through hopefully next week.

    -Washington is Locker's go to guy and Wright made some nice plays himself. Looks like the WR core is really coming together, Walker came up with a huge catch late in the game and quite a first game for Hunter. lol Britt.

    -Defense has an attitude and I love it. Was hoping for a couple more sacks but we got some solid pressure on him. Pollard was all over the place today, McCarthy looked solid coming in for Fokou.
  7. selever2000

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    Bakersfield, CA fan here!!! Locker looked good! What I am impressed with the offense is the fact they have had very long drives in the last two games. Last week we had a 99 yard drive! Very positive.
  8. madeupdreams

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    Nice first post!

    Now get an avatar.:bliss:
  9. TitanT

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    We are in First Place :)
  10. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    To me, Phillip Rivers isn't that bad of a personality.

    Jay Cutler on the other hand is someone I can't stand.
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