Pre-Game Thread Game 2: Titans @ Texans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.


    And if our offense wasn't dysfunctional then we would have taken advantage of it and won the game. Our defense played much better then the stats sheet will show it was clear to see.
  2. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    At times it was outstanding. Other times, it was lacking. Like Pollard said, they didn't finish.
  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    9 minutes in the 3rd quarter is QUITE different from 9 minutes in the first quarter...
  4. Bucky0782

    Bucky0782 Starter

    Looking back, the most frustrating part of yesterday's performance was the 4th quarter play-calling. After opening up the offense and marching down the field with relative ease, 99 yards in 5-6 plays (helped by the illegal hit of course), when the offense came back onto the field the play calls were literally 'run left (1 yard), run right (1 yard), incompletion (3rd and long).' I know the mindset is to run the clock down, but the Texans had either 2 or all 3 of their timeouts AND the two minute warning. The thought SHOULD HAVE BEEN to continue moving the ball down the field. This is why I simply don't believe Munch is head coach material, his instincts are stuck in 1988 football and not today's game. Hopefully this changes over the course of the season, b/c I'm not looking forward to the day when Munch is no longer a part of this organization. :\
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  5. TackHammer56

    TackHammer56 Starter


    Now, lost,but your team has improved dramatically from last year.
    A little more work on the O and you guys should compete.
  6. tnfan47

    tnfan47 Let's Get It

    As I mentioned in another thread, they should have put Battle in around the 4:00 mark of the 4th. This was the possession after we held houston to a 3 and out after the safety He would have kept the clock running.
  7. tnfan47

    tnfan47 Let's Get It

    How do you feel about your kicker? I bet your fans are calling for his head. lol atleast you all won. If not, he would have been found in a ditch somewhere.
  8. StonecoldTxn

    StonecoldTxn Camp Fodder

    Wanted to tell you guys your team played a tough game. I would like to say you should have won but most games come down to a play or two as the difference like this one did. It seems to always is a slug feast with these two teams and I am sure the next game will be as well. Both teams missed opportunities to pull the game out at different times. With that being said I am glad it was our team that did it no thanks to our new kicker. I'm sure he will be given another opportunity and hopefully he comes around. I am predicting lots of fines coming soon on both teams. Some of the cheap shots thrown at JJ Watts seem pretty rediculous but I guess that is what the NFL is turning into in some regards.
  9. TackHammer56

    TackHammer56 Starter


    Yeah...I'm a little concerned to say the least. In his defense they were 48,50,51 if I remember correctly. But DAMN all three of em?!?

    They wouldnt have found him in a ditch though.......The Gulf of Mexico is a big place,deep to.
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  10. TitansMVP

    TitansMVP Starter

    High five to you as the only Texan fan that actually used his head and not say something ignorant. It seems like most Texan fans can't grasp that.

    However, we did compete even with the O struggling a little bit. If they can get their stuff together then it will be just more dangerous.
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