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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Deuce Wayne, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Loggains is a good OC, high praise throughout the league and was coached by Sean Payton. It's because we have Locker at QB that no one trust and limits our offense. They just want to run but that won't get us far. However, the coaches don't fully trust Locker so they want to keep as much pressure off of him as they can. If Loggains had a good pocket passer he would be able to open the play book more.
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    The defense was great outside of the first and last drives
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    So your saying that rather risking failure, he decides to not even try, and do stupid predictable crap instead?

    I was screaming when they ran cj up the middle on those long yardage plays and in the end zone. If I'm locker, I audible to a pass, then give the sideline the finger.
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    It goes hand and hand. Its hard when your Qb isn't that good and can't be trusted. I rather have him open the playbook up like he did on the 99 yard drive. Locker is holding this offense back, plain and simple.

    I really wish he would audible because our play calling was very predictable. A lot has to do with Munch wanting to be a 70% run guy. Locker just doesn't have the smarts like some Qbs. I really hope he improves cause like everyone else, I want to win but I don't think he is the answer. We need a better pocket passer.
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    This is one of the dumbest replies ever. Loggains is a good coordinator, how is that exactly? He's good because he got "praise" throughout the league and he worked for Sean Peyton? LOL

    You know what makes you a good offensive coordinator... it's what is done on the field when you are in charge? To be painfully honest, with the 7 or so game he's called in his brief career, I'd call him one of the worst OC's in the NFL.
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    You must not follow the league very much.....

    Can't be a good OC if you don't have a good Qb that can lead your team. There is a difference.
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    as a fan I would have liked more aggressive playcalling, but take a step back and consider the field position the Titans were living with most of the game. JL did well enough too win. I mean he can only hit KB in the hands he cant catch it for him too - just sayin'
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    I don't think you can say that. We stayed in the game throughout it and had the lead going into the last few minutes of the game. It was an odd combination of things at the end that gave the Texans a shot at a tie, they got it, and then made a pretty weak play (imo) at the end.

    Deandrea Hopkins looked like one of my little cousins or something out there on that catch. It was a good pass by Schaub but it kinda just fell into Hopkins arms. McCourty was turned around and it was one of the few mistakes he made all game.

    Honestly I like our chances against the Texans. I definitely know they don't want to see us again. They took a few injuries, Andre got knocked out. Our offense was able to move the ball. And they didn't force any turnovers on us. I think its a win for us honestly. If we're thinking playoffs, we need to be thinking long term.
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    I think he'll open it up more after this game. Locker had another mistake free game which sometimes is better than a bunch of passing yards. Short fields lead to points and can kill momentum.

    Locker has surprised me this season and pre-season. He's steadily progressing. By week 17 he could actually be an edge.
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    if I woulda read this post and asked who wrote it deuce woulda been the last person I thought of look at that sometimes he does make valid posts haha good job bro