Gailey: Williams is right man in right spot for Bills

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    When defensive end Mario Williams signed with the Bills during the offseason, he switched back to a 4-3 system after spending 2011 learning to play linebacker for the Texans under Wade Phillips’ 3-4 system.

    That may be one of the reasons Williams has had a less-than-spectacular first six games after signing a six-year, $100 million contract with Buffalo. He did pick up a pair of sacks last week against a shaky Cardinals offensive line, giving him 3.5 so far this season. Williams also has a team-high four tackles for loss among his 18 overall tackles.

    “I think he’s fine (returning to the 4-3),” Bills coach Chan Gailey said of Williams, who played in a 4-3 system from 2006-10. “I think he likes playing with his hand on the ground and likes being able to mix it up in there and be physical. His game is being strong and physical, and trying to be a dominant force off the edge. He’s done that for us run and pass.”

    The Patriots and 49ers skewered Buffalo’s defense in two of the last three weeks. The Bills are ranked 31stoverall, 31stagainst the pass and 32ndagainst the run. But it certainly doesn’t sound as if Gailey has any second thoughts about the Bills’ monstrous contract for Williams.

    The Titans would have pursued Williams had it not been for their interest in Peyton Manning, but it’s unlikely they would have offered so much.

    “He’s one of those guys that when we decided what we were going to do defensively, he was the first guy we went after because we knew what a presence he was coming off the edge, both on run and pass,” Gailey said. “So the fit-in part was easy because that’s what we were going after. He’s a great guy, good in the locker room and he’s good in all aspects for us.”

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