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    SUMMARY: Last season, Justin Gage emerged as one of Vince Young's favorite marks, hauling in 55 passes for a team-high 750 yards. "Justin ended up being the guy," Titans coach Jeff Fisher said. "When you're running routes for a young quarterback, sometimes the ball's going to be a little off-target. He can adjust and make the catch. He did that all year." After starting the season with only three receptions after three games, he and Young found a rhythm. "He just came out of nowhere," Young said. "I love his size, and how aggressive he is to the ball. He's just a playmaker." Now, Gage wants to build on his success of last season. "I've proven that I can play at this level," he said. "Now, it's just about going out and ... building on that, using that season as a steppingstone and get better each year. That's my ultimate goal."

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Thread Status:
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