Future Of Franchise Looking Positive After Many Changes

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    As much as anyone i am glad we moved on from the failure that was the Munchak era. From the very start he was in over his head and never should've been in the head coaching position in the first place. The big mistake Bud Adams made was nepotism going on in the organization just because Fisher worked out as head coach sure didn't mean it would happen again with Munchak. We could've turned things around after Fisher left by doing a more thorough search and hiring a better candidate but it didn't happen. By 2011 we had only missed the playoffs the past two years and had the best record in the league just three years before. From 1999-2010 the team had a total record of 110 wins and 82 losses,went to the playoffs six times,won three division titles and had the best record in the league on two seperate occassions.

    In the three years Mike Munchak coached he had a total record of 22-26 and didn't make the postseason. Munchak also had one of the worst coaching staffs in the entire league. We lost three years and suffered through some pretty horrible stretches of football including a league worst defense in 2012 and a division record of 6-12. We also lost to the league's worst team each year in his tenure. In 2011 we lost 27-13 to a 0-13 Indy Colts squad.In 2012 we lost 24-19 to the 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars. In 2013 we lost 29-27 to a 0-8 Jacksonville Jaguars team. Then we had the whole special teams fiasco in 2013 if he had gotten the problem fixed sooner we might've actually won a couple more games had a winning season and made the postseason since we would've owned all tiebreakers with other 9-7 teams. First it was Darius Reynaud then Devon Wylie who cost the team with goofy mistakes before he finally brought in Leon Washington who quickly improved the return game. We have also had to watch two backup QBs take the bulk of snaps because Jake Locker we drafted in 2011 can't seem to stay healthy. We hired a new GM Ruston Webster in 2012 who has no ties to Locker and now with a coaching change he is most likely on board with a QB change too.

    The passing of Bud Adams,the hiring of a new head coach,and the possible drafting of a new QB are all bringing changes to the franchise as a whole. Since Tommy Smith took over the ownership duties it has been a breath of fresh air. He has been doing his best to change the team experience for the fans. He had a dinner for all the season ticket holders to meet the new head coach and has been doing many different things to improve the team including bringing in better concession and wifi for the fans coming to the stadium. He has also equipped the team with video playbooks something they never had under Adams. He also brought in a new director of sports medicine Todd Toriscelli with a revamped athletic department and better training room. Smith has talked about bringing a culture change to the team and so far it looks like he is doing that.Feels good to know sweeping changes will continue to come after the mediocrity the fans dealt with while Munchak was coach. Many think we lost major ground the last three years with Houston winning two division titles and Indy drafting Luck.

    With the hiring of Ken Whisenhunt we have finally broken free of any connections to the Oilers once and for all. Also for the first time in ages we have a coach with a pretty good staff as well. Whisenhunt kept the best assistants from the prior staff like Croom and Jefferson and he has also added some good assistants of his own to the team as well like Horton,Mularkey,Bostad,Spanos,etc.

    Also we had a problem last season as far as locker room chemistry. There were reports that Delanie Walker and head coach have met and discussed the locker room cancer issues and its been told that in the future those concerns will be voiced and kept in house. One of the main culprits in my opinion was Kenny Britt who is now gone. Also Damian Williams violated team rules and was inactive for a game last season and he is gone. There was also reports of Chris Johnson being lazy and having poor practice habits that could've rubbed off on others and he is now gone as well. There were reports that both Delanie Walker and Bernard Pollard tried to get the team to bond but there were certain players that had the opinion that they were just wasting their time. Both Walker and Pollard had recently played in the Super Bowl on opposing teams before coming here.Walker is the voice on offense and Pollard is the voice on defense. Together they both tried to change the culture in the locker room. Now it looks like some changes have taken place that will help both in doing that better in 2014.

    The team also added some free agents including Shaun Phillps and Wesley Woodyard who were both members of the Denver Broncos defense who recently went to the Super Bowl. Phillips will help with the pass rush and Woodyard will be the playcaller on the defensive side of the ball for Tennessee. Also signed DE Al Woods who Pittsburgh was not happy to lose. We also grabbed Michael Oher for the offensive line and Dexter McCluster who will be playing a mixture of roles on offense and is the playmaker we need after cutting Chris Johnson. We also brought in a backup QB Charlie Whitehurst who will be teaching the QB's on our offense the new playbook. Hopefully the arrival of Whitehurst and the dropping of Fitzpatrick could mean we are drafting a new QB. We should also be drafting a new RB as well in the draft. When free agency and the 2014 draft is done the AFC South will look a lot different once the regular season starts. As many as three teams could have new starting QB's and all the teams will look quite different.

    Overall i think all these changes are for the better.We are officially starting a new era......

    I'm curious to find out what others think about all of these changes. Do you think we are doing enough to turn things around and get this team on the winning track once again?
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    except for drafting a new QB I enjoyed the read

    Locker will get a fair chance to secure his future in Tennessee
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    Locker will get his shot, but I believe QB is our first pick.
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    then Locker wont be given a shot.

    I say Titans go with what they have at QB and hopefully an immediate difference maker on the D edge is sitting there at 11

    Titans took a chance on Kearse and, despite the injury and insane contract demands, it still worked out well.

    I want an edge rusher at 11
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    If we go QB in the first what is the point in even starting Jake Locker? You don't draft a guy then give the guy he's replacing a chance to be your QB for the next 3-4 years.

    If we draft a 1st round QB them the best Locker could hope for is a QB competition with the new guy as a slight favorite, ie if it's even close you give the rookie snaps and have your depth chart go Carr/Locker/Clipboard
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    ^^ Best case scenario in my opinion. Hopefully we can secure a rusher at 11 and roll with Jake.
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    I don't feel comfortable at all with our current Qb situation. I hope we go Qb even if it's a late rounder. So Locker gets yet another "fair" chance at qb? We all know Matt Hasselbeck should of started over Jake a couple years back. He was given the starting position. I want to finally see someone come into camp and actually push Locker for the job.
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    completely agree with this and I think we have been holding on way to long for locker to come through while all of our competition find their qb's and move on with life. It is about time we find our pocket passer. Locker isn't even on the field to develop like he was supposed to and it is not his fault but he still is not accurate. Accuracy is a necessity for a qb and he does not have it, time to move on.

    On a side note I do however agree with you GoT: A pass rusher at 11 would be awesome just the same and maybe since this draft has qb draft we can take a qb in the 2nd round. Thoughts?

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    None of these QBs will beat out Locker. Thats why Im on the fence taking a QB early. Could and probably will be a wasted pick. Could also be a godsend so thats why Im unsure if its wise to invest in a rookie QB.
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    I feel you. I'm back and forth with Locker. I like him, I like how he conducts himself, I want him to be the face of the franchise, but I just don't believe in him. I have not seen him be consistent at all and that's not even factoring in his injury problems.

    At times I feel we should take a qb at 11 if one of the top 3 slip. But I'm actually leaning more and more towards Murray in the forth if he is still on the board. Either way I don't like the idea of Locker going back into camp as the starter because he has not proven anything. Atleast of we bring in a rookie he can push Jake.