Frustration Building in Titans Locker Room

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Sep 19, 2006.

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    stupid is a poor observation IMO.... for the general management of the Titans... for why Kerry Collins was brought in... for why Billy Volek continues to sit...

    I cannot prove my opinion, but I think this entire year is about Preparing the overwhelming youth of this team... It is a process. Which began with the salary cap purge, but more importantly it BEGAN when the Titans selected Vince Young.
    Billy Volek knew then that he would again be a back-up within a year... regardless of how well he played (because there was no way this young team was going to the Super-Bowl ... you just cannot replace enough players)

    ... my observation would be that they wanted BV to help prepare Vince, and not to his fault, Billy, once he realized that his starting role would be so temporary... became uncooperative in some ways. period.

    So, in comes an 'experienced' Kerry Collins, who does what he is asked and doesn't mind finishing his career in Tennessee helping prepare Vince until (the staff) feels that he is ready to start, whenever that is.

    From the moment VY put on a Titans hat, everyone knew this was his team to lead into the future... so my advice is (not just to you Slack)... enjoy the process for what it is ... watch the youth grow at every positon, or just check back in about 1 year.
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    BV said that he knew VY was the future of the Titans, but if he had a "Drew Brees" type of year he could hit the lottery with another team.
  3. Broken Record

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    I believe Fisher thought Collins would take over for Volek eventually after given a little bit of time to learn the offense, but I don't think he intended to start Collins week one until Billy threw his fit.
  4. They would not have brought in Collins for that, or paid him that much money. And, more to the point, Collins would not have signed on for that. He could have signed with the Chargers if he was willing to be just a backup.
  5. Slackmaster

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    At this point, the classy thing for Collins to do would be to retire rather than to drag this team down another game.

    So, of course, he will drag this team down until he is benched.
  6. With all due respect, that's stupid...
  7. Slackmaster

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    What is stupid? Collins leaving and not queering our season?
    I would hink of it as a class act and a gift to the team.

    What I find stupid is the fantasy that Collins will be able to perform.
  8. Broken Record

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    If that's the case, which of these statements is true?

    1. Fisher is secure enough in his job that he knows no matter how bad this team looks, he's got another year.

    2. Fisher is a poor judge of talent and thought somehow that Kerry Collins could come in and play well with no WR chemistry, no C chemistry, etc.

    3. Fisher wants out.

    4. Fisher hasn't been sober for over a year now.

    5. Billy's bawling p*ssed coach off, so he benched him and traded him.

    The timing is the whole thing I don't understand, which leads me to believe something unexpected happened. Signing Collins when they did and then handing him the job makes no sense. Why didn't we sign him when we cut 9? I don't think we were just giving Billy a chance to prove himself. We know Billy. Our staff should be equipped to make the decision as to whether or not he is a starter without needing an additional training camp/preseason to find out. If we knew he wasn't a starter why wait until a few days before the games count to do something about it? That's self sabotage.
  9. What is stupid the the suggestion that it would be classy of Collins to retire immediately, taking Bud's $2M anyway, and leaving us with just an unprepared Vince Young...
  10. None of those first 4 things had anything to do with the situation. #1 may be true, but that didn't really factor in to this situation.

    #5 could be true if it actually happened. But as it has been reported that Volek's comments came after Collins had already been signed, then I don't think they made any difference as far as Collins being named the starter.

    I agree that the timing didn't make sense. They should have knows that Volek wasn't capable of being a quality starter long before training camp ever started. They should have signed Collins months earlier.

    I don't know if it was Billy's pathetic performance in training camp and the preseason that made them desperate or if Volek's attitude was the reason for the timing. I do remember hearing from either Fisher or Reese that Collins' stance on his role with the team changed, which led to his signing, so maybe that's all that changed. Or maybe not. We don't know for sure.

    But when they did sign Collins, his contract terms made it perfectly clear that his role was to be the starter. And Fisher came right out and said that vince Young was #2. And that made it perfectly clear that Volek was on the outs from that point on.
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