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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PressCoverage, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Over on, I've been a big proponent of going after Billy Volek. I noticed you guys passed him over and gave Mauck a start late last year, yes? What was that about?

    Personally, all the talk about us breaking the bank for Brees or Culpepper is rather underwhelming. We have cap troubles, and I feel Volek is a solid player with a career 2:1 TD:Int ratio.

    Can you tell me, was Volek ever on the trading block for you guys? What is your opinion of him, and what would you be happy with in return for, say, a draft pick(s)?
  2. GoT

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    Volek is capable of starting in NFL, has proven it a number of times when McNair went down. Voleks main problem is the Titan OL combined with Voleks apparent injury proneness.

    The Mauck start was what it was. Titans know what Volek brings and wanted to give Mauck some snaps to see him in a real game. It was not a reflection on Volek at all, but I am sure his feelings were questionable for 3-4 weeks.
  3. I want to trade Volek, I think his stay in Tennessee is overdue, and we'll be getting a top quality QB (young), out of the draft so we don't need him.

    I think the Titans would like a 3rd rounder for him seeming as we don't have one anyways, snd i'd certainely agree with that.

    As for Mauck starting, early in the season, he showed promise, having a brilliant drive that nearly got us in the endzone so I think the coaching staff wanted to see what he could do as a starter
    Get Volek OUTTA HERE
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    IMO Volek is better than Kitna and better than any Miami QBs during the past seasons. Volek would definately make an impact in Miami.
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    I think the only holdup with the Titans trying to move Billy (who certainly wants to be moved, so he can have an opportunity to start) is waiting to see where we stand closer to the draft, or after it. A third for Billy would be about right, but in the past, they could have moved him for at least a 2nd, maybe first (Jets) if both of us could have worked out our cap woes. With Culpepper and Brees out there, a third is certainly fair for Billy. He has a lot of great potential. We've seen him tear it up -- but he clearly needs protection. He's not used to getting beat around so much, and it shows. But he has a terrific arm, and can definitely be a starter in the league. I'm very excited to see him get to start somewhere eventually. He actually deserves it.
  6. Good stuff, thanks.

    And yes, I'm quite positive he's far better than anyone we've had the past 6 years.
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    He may throw the best deep ball in the NFL. If you're a Dolphin fan, you'd love to see soeone finally get Chambers the ball down the field. Volek is a guy that could do that.
  8. Volek throws a good deep ball. That's about it...
  9. Laserjock

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    Yeah..when he throws it....otherwise he is back there counting to 10 Mississippis waiting on routes to develop...
  10. Puck

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    Billy's great !!!!

    tell Nick we'll take a 3rd for him

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