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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Greenlawler, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Greenlawler

    Greenlawler Gorman Thomas Fan Club

    Now that Harper and Fowler are in...

    What will happen in the draft with this possible scenario?:

    I believe we are being preped for Pacman staying, for a lot of reasons the foremost being Fisher's win in the Floyd war, the total silence mode of the organization, and wait that is not the point of this thread anyways...

    Scenario: Pac stays Curtis and or Gage sign: So whats the effect in the "need" areas?:
    CB: Now we have Harper, Hill, Finnegan, and Pac thus eliminating the need for a first day corner pick. In fact I think that goes backburner.
    LB: Fowlers contract probably eliminates the linebacker talk including Willis, and Linebacker becomes a typical late round Titan pick.
    WR: A Curtis and or Gage deal may push our WR pick to round 2. I believe we will still trade for another vet reciever.
    S: I also believe we will stand pat at Saftey.
    RB: As far as this goes I hope we trade for J. Jones (something I heard on radio yesterday that may be a possibilty), but Lendale was a 2nd rounder we won't throw a first day pick RB again this year.
    So where do we go in the draft?
    1. Defensive End
    2. WR
    3. DT
    4. S
    4. CB
    Of course my dream scenario is that we package our picks and move up to snag Calvin Johnson making this whole post null and void.
  2. Tuckfro42

    Tuckfro42 Frozen Donkey Wheel

    Whether Pac stays or goes and Curtis or Gage sign shouldn't impact our draft.

    1. Our greatest need is still DE. We need to pick Carriker/J. Moss in the first. A stud DE and strong pass rush will be the greatest improvement for the secondary.

    2. Even if we have Curtis or Gage, we still need #1 talent at WR. I'd like to see us pick Gonzalez/Clowney/S. Smith in the second.

    3. Definately need to pick up a big run-stuffing DT.

    4. This is where we add depth to S, RB, CB, DL. Whoever FO deems BPA.

    As far as J. Jones...if Dallas would take a 4th, I'd do it. However, I don't think Jones is going anywhere. He's been productive for them and Barber isn't an everydown back.

    By the way...How's Brewer?
  3. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    Why would we stay pat at S LT is atrocious and Fisher called him out last year for his play so I say a S in the first day. Carriker won't give us a pass rush at 6'6 285-290 he is good at run-stuffing and an adequate pass-rusher at best.

    Copper is the best WR out there for us I believe. Curtis is good and all but was a slot receiver with padded stats from a pass first offense and got open because of Bruce and Holt. Gage is nothing but a big body ntohing special about him just big with avg. speed and hands a #3 if were really lucky.

    Yes Copper was in a passing O to but is young with decent size along with good speed and hands and put up good TD numbers for his playing time. Has exp. as a #2 WR and was successful at it.
  4. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    Now onto the Draft. Since we signed Fowler that checks Willis off our list if he was ever on it. Harper def. takes down the need for a CB in round 1 or 2 but I wouldn't mind getting Revis or Houston but I think they are doubtful picks now. Round 3 would make sense to get one thought because Harper is 33 and Pac likes to make it rain. Leaving us with Finn and Hill which is solid considering they are our depth but Revis would make our Sec. amazing along with a guy like Griffin if he would fall round 2.

    Now yes this would creat quite a jam at CB but how many see Pac being here this and next season. I wish but I dont see it happening which wouldn't put us in a huge hole if we got Revis. We would still have Harper, Revis, Finn, and Hill not bad right along with Hope and Griff if poss. or Lowry back at the S spot which is a good Sec. Revis will be good mark my words and can return if and when Pac leaves.

    Now if we take Revis round one we need a S or WR round 2. Say we get Griffin might happen might not. If we don't I say we get a WR like Gonzo or move up to get Rice or Meachem.

    Round 3 we need a D-line guy. I'm very high on Turk McBride because he is a versatile playmaker that can go DE or DT. We could make him one or the other or move him around like passing downs and rushing downs ect.

    Later rounds we need some RB, OG, DL, and TE depth so pick and choose the top guy at those needs and I'm happy.
  5. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    1) Moss
    3)David Irons
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