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    Who would you like for the Titans to pick up in free agency?


    1. Joe Flacco: No way he gets out of Baltimore.

    2. Michael Vick: Hasn't been cut yet, but once he is, Arizona, Cleveland and others could explore.

    3. Alex Smith: Also hasn't been cut yet, but could make sense in KC, Jacksonville and several other spots.

    4. Brian Hoyer: Plenty of teams see him a strong No. 2 who could thrive as a spot starter.

    5. Kevin Kolb: Arizona was piling up wins before he got hurt; might not hit the market.

    Wide receiver

    1. Greg Jennings: The injuries are something of a concern, but he has been a game-changer.

    2. Dwayne Bowe: Good size and strong production despite not having good QB play. Miami makes sense.

    3. Mike Wallace: Did not produce under pressure in 2012, but still so fast and so young -- he will get paid

    4. Wes Welker: Have a hard time seeing him leave New England.

    5. Danny Amendola: Rams badly want to keep him, as he's Sam Bradford's favorite target.

    Running back/fullback

    1. Rashard Mendenhall: Injuries robbed him of much of 2012, but still the most productive of this bunch.

    2. Reggie Bush: Could see him signing a short-term deal with a contender. His versatility will serve him well on open market.

    3. Cedric Benson: Age and injury catching up to him, but had some nice moments for the Packers. Likely another one-year deal ahead for him.

    4. Danny Woodhead: Much like Wes Welker, anyone see this multifaceted weapon actually leaving Bill Belichick?

    5. Jerome Felton: Fullback was a key cog in Adrian Peterson's near-record season, and guys like Vonta Leach have gotten solid money in free agency recently.

    Tight end

    1. Tony Gonzalez: The best to ever play the position, and still at a top level, but retirement seems to beckon.

    2. Jared Cook: Wasn't always a fit in Titans offense, but young and talented and will have suitors.

    3. Martellus Bennett: Had flashes of greatness with the Giants -- though still inconsistent -- and they are short on TEs.

    4. Fred Davis: Incredibly talented, but troubled. Staying with the Skins and RG3 on a short-term deal might make most sense.

    5. Dustin Keller: Very limited in his blocking skills, scouts say, but can catch the football.

    Offensive line

    1. Ryan Clady: One of the best left tackles in the game, but no way he won't be franchised to protect Peyton Manning's blindside.

    2. Branden Albert: Andy Reid went through enough OL shuffling in Philly; can't imagine he lets Albert out of KC now.

    3. Jake Long: Production has waned past two years and injuries have become a real issue -- but would Dolphins really let this former No. 1 overall pick walk in his mid-20s?

    4. Jermon Bushrod: Key cog for the Saints, but their cap crunch could lead to big money for him on the open market.

    5. Max Starks: Steelers line gets maligned at times, but at age 30 expect Starks to get action on the open market.

    Defensive line

    1. Cliff Avril: The Lions can't keep everyone up front and he won't be franchised again.

    2. Randy Starks: Been in the league a long time but still a spry 28; tremendous versatility to fit any scheme and Dolphins likely lost their chance to keep him.

    3. Henry Melton: Become a force for the Bears and one of the few younger impact players on that D. Would think they do all they can to keep him.

    4. Richard Seymour: Dude can play inside and outside and will be refreshed getting out of Oakland.

    5. Matt Shaughnessy: Dealt with a lot of coaching upheaval in Oakland in a short period of time. Still very young and talented.


    1. Dannell Ellerbe: Even when playing with one hand, he has become the engine of Baltimore's defense and keeping him will be top priority.

    2. Anthony Spencer: Some scoffed when Dallas franchised him, but he will have the last laugh in free agency this year.

    3. Connor Barwin: The absence of Brian Cushing may have hindered Barwin some this year, but still plenty of ability to get to the QB.

    4. Paul Kruger: Took off in the second half of the season and has the entire league watching him in the postseason. Looking to get paid.

    5. Shaun Phillips: Getting older, but I would take my chances with him above some of the other aging LBs.


    1. Sean Smith: Has the skills and body to be a shutdown guy, and at age 25 is just entering his prime.

    2. Cary Williams: Stepped up big time when Lardarius Webb got hurt, and his playoff performances are only helping his cause.

    3. Mike Jenkins: Yet to put it all together for the Cowboys but teams were exploring trade options for him last year. Will draw interest.

    4. Aqib Talib: If not for his off-field troubles, would be much higher. Staying under the watchful eye of Bill Belichick might be his best move.

    5. Tracy Porter: Seems like he has been around longer, but at age 26 well positioned for free agency.


    1. Ed Reed: Maybe the greatest ever, and still has a knack for the huge play at the huge moment.

    2. Kenny Phillips: Can't stay healthy enough, but when he does the fellow product of The U flashes some Reed-like qualities.

    3. Louis Delmas: Another absolute difference maker ... if he could stay in the lineup. Still, the Lions must make every attempt to keep him.

    4. Jairus Byrd: Has tremendous ball skills, just like his daddy, former Chargers corner Gill Byrd.

    5. Dashon Goldson: A heavy hitter who will be looking for more long-term security after coming off the franchise tag.
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    Why even bother listing positions like quarterback and left tackle? No offense, but let's be realistic here.
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    Dashon Goldson
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    We really need 2 guards and a center. We have two good tackles, a solid center to help anchor and captain that offensive line would be great.

    A head hunter at safety would be my next step. We desperately need someone who can play SS and then we should also look at getting rid of Griffin. If Griffin is not cut within the next 3 days, he is with us till the end of his contract. According to NFL radio, the Titans have a 5 day window to get out of his contract starting the day after the superbowl. Tick Tock.

    A good pass rusher would be an excellent pick up as well.

    I really don't see why we would go about signing a receiver assuming Washington, Britt and Wright are all coming back. Anyone know anything about Washington yet?
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  5. HonestABE

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    Yeah, since our quarterback is SO elite.
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    I you believe the Titans are going after a quarterback in free agency, we should talk about some business opportunities I have for you.
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  7. The Hammer

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    I would put saftey even higher than 2 of those 3 OL you are looking for.

    And Tick Tock? Like this?

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  8. Scarecrow

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    TONS OF ELITE GUYS UP THUR AMIRITE!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!!
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    I'm upset you listed those 5 corners, and not Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

    Also, no love for Andy Levitre?

    Jairus Byrd is the #1 safety FA.

    I would love Greg Jennings, he puts the team on his back.
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    I see us getting maybe three of the players you have listed. Below is my FA wishlist, kinda got buried in my other thread. All of these guys are still relatively young, or in their prime.
    • QB - We are staying put with what we have this year
    • FB - Jerome Felton - Can we say welcome back Lorenzo Neal ?! - Big improvement over Quinn Johnson. Paved the way for AP last year
    • RB - We are drafting a mid round guy to complement CJ
    • WR - Our top 4 WRs are set. Britt has a contract year, he is gonna go all Albert Haynesworth for us this year, just watch. We will bring in a cheap FA or draft a late round WR
    • TE - Franchise Cook
    • OL - No tackle acquistions (that's next year). We tender Velasco, go after a Top FA guard, and draft another one early. Amano & Hutch go bye bye
    • DE - Starters are set, but we have zero depth. We need a good rotational DE. Michael Bennett from the Bucs is the guy I want. Look him up, led the Bucs in sacks last year and highly rated by PFF, but nobody is talking about him.
    • DT - Terrance Knighton - If we get him I hope they put a "weight clause' in his contract. He will help clog up the middle and we will rotate him with our other guys. Marks totally sucked against the run last year.
    • LB - Brad Jones - Back-up MLB for when McCarthy goes down. He also has played OLB. Tim Shaw should only see the field on STs. This guy got his first shot at starting this year for Green Bay and is a player.
    • S - William Moore - HUGE upgrade over Babs. He is a SS with playmaking ability. He will be one of the highest paid safeties in the league. Byrd is not getting out of Buffalo.
    • CB - Keenan Lewis - Starter for the Steelers last year, led the league in pass breakups. He would start and slide Verner into the slot.
    • K - Resign Bironas
    Add those pieces, fortify the OL in the draft, get better coaching, see Locker show substantial improvement, and we may just be pushing for a Wildcard spot. Here's to wishful thinking :beerbang: