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    Some of you guys hate CJ so much that your over estimating how good Greene is, he is not that good of a RB at all. My brother in law is huge Jets fan and I watched many games with him and Greene is nothing more than a 2nd or 3rd string RB!
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    They won't but they should cut Stevens. Thompson is just as good a blocker and has the potential to contribute in the passing game. Stevens is an extra tackle and nothing else. I'm pretty sure I could stumble, pull my hamstring, and sprain my ankle while still keeping up with Stevens running a route.
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    The Greene signing gets hate because he's a bad player and he's way overpaid. It was a brutal signing. The Titans could go out right now and get Michael Turner, a player who could fill the Lendale role just as well as Greene, for the veteran minimum.

    Most of us are excited about the Titans' moves because the team is never this aggressive, but the consensus among the national media is that the Titans spent too much money and didn't really get any impact players. Frankly, I'm not sure that's incorrect.
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    Titans sign S George Wilson (2 years, $4 million): A Grade
    Titans sign G Andy Levitre (6 years, $46.8 million): B+ Grade
    Titans sign TE Delanie Walker (4 years, $17.5M; $8.6M guaranteed): B Grade
    Titans sign RB Shonn Greene (3 years, $10M; $4.5M guaranteed): C- Grade
    Titans sign DT Sammie Lee Hill (3 years, $11.4M; $4M guaranteed): C+ Grade
    Titans sign S Bernard Pollard (1 year, $2.5 million): A+ Grade

    That's how I see it, quick rundown. George/Pollard provide physical players on defense and great leadership, something we needed... that fiery player, both got reasonable deals & huge upgrades to Rojo & Babs. We needed consistency at OL, Andy Levitre provided that, sure we paid him alot but we needed to otherwise he wouldn't of came, he's a Top-10 guard in the league. Love the Walker pickup, sure he's had drops, but he can do everything Cook did plus be an elite blocker. Shonn was overpaid, but we did need a powerback. Hill is the big body, got overpaid and could be another Shaun Smith for us, hopefully he's not.

    Don't forget the pickups of Turner, Spencer, and Pitoitua, all 3 are great depth at OL/DL.
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    You're never happy about anything and you always take a moderate stance. Grow some balls and you'd be happier. :)

    We'll just have to see about Greene. His YPC suggest your assessment is bad wrong.
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    I am thrilled with most of our signings, I don't care what the media has to say about it.
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    How many more yards and wins did the marvelous CJ get us over what Shonn Greene accomplished in NY this past year? Can you name a WR with more than 20 catches for the Jets last year? Just don't be butthurt when Greene starts eating away at CJs carries and is much more efficient for 1/4 the price. Then who's gonna be talking about overpaid?
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    So, by impact players I'm assuming you think we should've signed Mike Wallace and Dumervil? But we already have one-trick pony(CJ) what we need are tough guys that can do the dirty work and be consistent players week in and week out. Turner is big, yes, but there's a reason he's still unsigned EVEN FOR THE VET MINIMUM! Dude is finished.
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    Haha okay we will see who is the better running back. Greene is just ringer 2.0!
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    As always, it's waaaaaaaayyyyy too early to be handing out grades. These guys haven't even hit the practice field yet. If we make the playoffs and Shonn Greene racks up a bunch of TDs along the way, no one is going to care how much money he's making. I will say though, in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder if Munch & Co. will still fail and we'll be left with a vastly overpaid roster. But oh well. No sense worrying about that until the time comes.

    For the most part I'm absolutely loving what we're doing so far and I can't recall being this excited about a season since we drafted Vince Young ( :anon: ).
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