Fourth Quarter Brings Out Best in Titans

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    SUMMARY: This season, the Titans are 4-4 when trailing after three quarters with the four wins came during the current six-game winning streak. To show how unusual that is, the Titans were 5-34 when trailing after three quarters from 2000-05. "I say it's because we believe in each other a whole lot," QB Vince Young said. "That is one of the biggest keys, everybody believing in each other." Young has been very effective this season in the fourth quarter including his effort in the 21-point comeback against the Giants and a 39-yard touchdown run in overtime to beat the Texans. On Sunday in Buffalo, the Titans trailed 29-20 heading into the fourth quarter but came back to beat the Bills. They also came back to beat the Colts.

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  2. Bulluckfan

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    I'm sick of it. I mean the composure we show in the 4th Q is great, but it really has seemed like the Titans don't even play for 3 quarters most of the time. Then they turn it on in the last 15 minutes. It's nerve-wracking and won't always work.
  3. Childress79

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    It shows how much of a work in progress we are,no team plays from behind by design but everyone is out there trying to make a play.

    The fact that we are able to keep finding ways to overcome our faults & play mistake free football under the pressure in the 4th says a lot about our team's character.

    The chemistry of this team right now doesn't come along very often & every time we've found another way to win against the odds it boosts confidence.

    There is something special going on with the Titans & they just don't quit. The last thing we need right now is the off season :grrr:
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