Four Questions: Titans @ Jaguars

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    SUMMARY: Is the Titans run D improved?
    The RB tandem of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew combined for 2,087 yards rushing last year and over a 5.0 average per carry. That was good enough for the Jags to end the season third in the league in rushing as opposed to the Titans 30th place finish in stopping the run.

    In their last matchup in Jacksonville, FredEx hung 79 yards rushing on the Titans early with Jones-Drew adding another 56 in a lopsided 37-7 Jags win. In Nashville, Taylor gashed the Titans run D again for 37 yards on two carries before leaving with an injury. Jones-Drew picked up where he left off with 98 yards of his own.

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    They also combined for an 8-8 record and no playoffs. :evil:
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