Former UT receivers reunited tonight

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    MINNEAPOLIS Teammates at the University of Tennessee, receivers Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson are both adjusting to life in the NFL.

    On Thursday night, they’ll square off against one another when the Titans face the Vikings. Both players are expected to play a bunch in the preseason finale for both teams.

    “I hear is doing good things,’’ Hunter said of Patterson. “I keep up with him all the time. We are happy for each other, and we pull for each other.

    “We were talking recently about old times and how it feels to be in the NFL. I told him I am getting it bad, that we’re not back in Tennessee no more. We all laugh about it, but we encourage each other.”

    Hunter, a second-round pick of the Titans, has had his share of ups and downs in his rookie season. In three preseason games he has three catches for 17 yards. He had his first touchdown catch last week against the Falcons.

    Patterson, selected in the first round, leads the Vikings with eight catches for 84 yards. Both players gave up their final year of eligibility at Tennessee to make the leap to the NFL.

    “I think he can be a real explosive guy,’’ Hunter said of Patterson. “We have no rivalry; we just wish the best for each other.”

    Hunter has made strides in recent weeks, but he’d like to do more.

    In order for that to happen, he knows he has to be more consistent, he said.

    “I think I have to prove myself to coaches, that I can stay consistent and help the team and be disciplined. I just have to put it all together,’’ Hunter said. “I feel like I can do more and I can do better, there’s always room for improvement.”

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